Would you like a chance to meet Whuffie Factor author Tara Hunt?

taraTara Hunt is a creative social media marketer, a widely read blogger and on Twitter, and author of The Whuffie Factor, one of the books I’d recommend be on your social media reading list. And she will be in Ottawa next week for the Ottawa Girl Geek Dinner.

I think that Tara is a role model for women in technology. And the Girl Geek Dinners are a good way to bring tech-oriented women together to talk about technology and to support one another in entering this once-male-dominated sector.

So, Thornley Fallis is sponsoring some students to attend the Girl Geek Dinner with Tara.

We initially sponsored five students. Those tickets were quickly grabbed up. Clearly, Tara is a hot draw and she will draw a capacity crowd.

GirlGeekDinner 090910Happily, Kelly Rusk, who organizes the Girl Geek Dinner in Ottawa, was able to add some seats to the dinner. So, we’re now able to open the dinner up to five more student attendees.

If you’re a student and you’re interested in attending next week’s Girl Geek Dinner, please click over to the Ottawa Girl Geek Dinner blog and leave a comment telling Kelly what you’re studying at school and why you’d like to attend the Girl Geek Dinner with Tara Hunt.

This promises to be a great event and I hope that every one of the student tickets is used.