Can You Help us bring Social Media Breakfasts to Toronto?

Bringing Social Media Breakfasts to Toronto

Social Media Breakfasts are coming to Toronto.

We have the organizers. We have the will. We have the network to reach out to and attract great speakers. And we know we have a lot of people interested in attending.

Now, we need help with two final essentials.

Can you help?

We need help finding a location in Toronto where we can hold the Social Media Breakfast. Do you have a meeting room or open concept office that could accommodate up to 100 people for a 7:30AM to 9AM meetup? If so, would you consider hosting the first breakfast?

Even if you can’t host the event, would you be able to help us by sponsoring the breakfast or sound system?

What can we give you in return for hosting or sponsoring the Social Media Breakfast? Recognition in blog posts, on the Social Media Breakfast Website and at the event itself. And the sincere gratitude of a large and growing social media community.

About the Social Media Breakfast

The Social Media Breakfast was Launched first in Boston in 2007 by Bryan Person. Since then, it has spread to cities throughout the United States and elsewhere. The concept was brought to Canada earlier this year by Simon Chen, Rob Lane and Ryan Anderson, who organized Social Media Breakfast Ottawa.

Social Media Breakfasts provide people interested in social media and Web 2.0 with an opportunity to network and hear from business leaders and thought leaders.

Who is behind the Social Media Breakfast in Toronto?

Social Media Breakfast Toronto is being initiated by the people who organize Third Tuesday Toronto. The Third Tuesday Toronto community has grown to over 1,000 members who meet once a month after work to hear social media thought leaders talk about the newest developments in social media, online communities, Web apps, marketing and public relations.

We’ve decided to organize a Social Media Breakfast series to meet the needs of Toronto social media enthusiasts who want to network and discuss the latest developments in social media, but who find that mornings are better for this than evenings after work. And for the most committed social media enthusiasts, we can go to both events. 🙂

Over to you

If you can help or know someone who can help us with a location or sponsorship, please leave a comment on this post or send a direct message to “thornley” on Twitter or an email to joseph.thornley [at]

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