Another CEO uses his blog to level the playing field with a reporter

Mathew Ingram has written in today’s Globe and Mail about Patrick Byrne, CEO of, using his blog for an online tussle with Business Week reporter, Tim Mullaney. Ingram concludes:

“… the ability to post your comments on a story to your blog, as Mr. Cuban did, or to post the interview and your responses even before the article runs, as Mr. Byrne did, is a pretty powerful tool. And they are not unique: as journalist and blogger Dan Gillmor notes, the U.S. Defence Department has been posting full transcripts of its interviews with journalists for a while now. As Mr. Gillmor notes on his Citizens’ Media blog, journalists are effectively having “transparency imposed on them” by the Internet.”

Sanity Check has published the complete exchange between Byrne and Mullaney.

  • Terry Fallis

    Newspaper publishers must be wondering what hit them! The power mainstream media once enjoyed in shaping our perceptions and influencing the course of the day’s issues has been dramatically undercut in a very short time span. Social media are at least now sharing that power with traditional media and seem hell bent on taking it all. It may not be long…

  • oscar

    Why does Byrne take Buiness Week seriously? The magazine’s a joke and its website is worse.

    What Business Week passes off as serious journalism.

    America’s Wackiest Street Signs.

    You should feel sorry for the poor suckers who buy ads on Business Week’s site. The pictures keep rolling over and the advertisers get charged for all those nonexistent eyeballs.