Great relationships can start with brief encounters

Effective communications consulting must be based on relationships of trust between the client and the consultant. And these relationships can begin in a variety of places. What is common to them all is that a personal connection is made.

In his Canadian Entrepreneur blog, Rick Spence points to a story in Canadian Business offering tips on how to break the ice and have meaningful contact with business prospects in even the most casual encounters.

Good advice for anyone who understands the importance of building a network of contacts. (And that should include every communications consultant, from the most senior to the most junior.)

  • Terry Fallis

    Good point. I’ve believed for years that our ability to connect with clients (current or prospective) has as much to do with winning and keeping business as our brilliant strategies and programs. As appropriate, we need to forge relationships that eventually reach beyond the sometimes narrow confines of the specific work (but not too far!). The required skills are most often already embedded in your personality and should emerge naturally. For some, the roots of this important ability to ‘connect’ run deep (e.g.passing canapes to grown-ups at our parents’ dinner parties). Never underestimate the power of personality, likeability and chemistry. Popular American speaker Tim Sanders has written a book about this called ‘The Likeability Factor’ ( We’ve all known people who have great technical skills but with whom we may not want to spend much time. These folks have trouble in the consulting world. So don’t just invest everything you have in the development of a winning new business presentation, save some of yourself for reading the room and ‘connecting’ with the client. I’m convinced it’s often the winning factor.