CaseCamp: Now in Second Life

CaseCamp Second Life

Word today that the next CaseCamp will be held in Second Life.

Throughout 2006, marketers in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver have come together at CaseCamps to share some of their best work and to exchange advice on how it could be made even better.

The concept is simple. A marketer has 15 minutes to present a case study with a maximum of eight slides. Then the audience spends fifteen minutes discussing the case, asking questions and offering comments.

Bryan Person talks about how the background to this initiatve in a dedicated episode of his New Comm Road podcast. Kate Trgovac, C.C. Champman, and Eli Singer, the founder of CaseCamp, are the other organizers of this event, which is being hosted at Crayonville.

If you’re interested in experiencing the Second Life CaseCamp, you can register at the CaseCamp Wiki.

  • Joe:

    We’re certainly excited about bringing CaseCamp into SecondLife. Good to see that you’ve registered!

    For this event, we’re actually keeping presentations to 10 minutes and allowing 5 minutes for questions. We’re planning to have four presentations, putting the event at about one hour in length. Following the formal presentations, there will be plenty of time for SL socializing.

    I think that this CaseCamp is also an excellent opportunity for marketers and other business communicators to come and learn about the possibilities within Second Life. If you’ve never ventured into Second Life before and are curious, this is the perfect time to give it a go.

    Hope to see you there, Joe!

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  • Joe,

    Thanks for being the first to point me to CaseCamp. Not only have I signed up – but I told my husband Doug about it, he submitted a topic, and was selected as a presenter. Very exciting – thanks again.


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