A desperate blogger's plea for help

Well, it seems that every few months, I get very busy at work and fail to post for a few days. And when I do, I find it hard to get started again. Just nothing to say.

Thank you HughSo, I’d like your help. If you’re still subscribed to my feed after the past week of silence, I’d really appreciate your suggestions about what is interesting in the PR blogosphere right now. Please point me to the best posts from other PR/marketing blogs during the last week.

I’ll get started by commenting on other people’s posts. Then, I hope I’ll again develop the itch to write about things on my own blog.

I need inspiration. Help me, please!

*Thank you to Hugh MacLeod for the “cartoon on the back of a business card.” I think it’s pretty appropriate to my current predicament.

  • Still subscribed, Joe … and searching for my own Blogging Muse as well.

    Nathan Gilliatt had an interesting post a couple of days ago about blog monitoring as a function of PR. http://net-savvy.com/executive/pr/blog-monitoring-across-discipl.html

    How about sharing your thoughts on this topic? Is blog monitoring for clients a part of your practice?


  • C’mon Joe… it’s back to basics time. Write about what you know – and I can imagine that being a lot. How many years have you been in the business? There must be some tidbits – either insightful or humorous that you can share. Remember, everybody has a story in them.

    Maybe we all need to set aside communicating about social media, and start communicating through social media.

  • Anon in Ottawa

    Political astroturfing

  • Sean

    “Maybe we all need to set aside communicating about social media, and start communicating through social media.”

    I have to agree with Brendan on this point, Joe. I am getting tired of reading blogs about blogging, especially from PR professionals (you are by no means the only guilty party).

    How about more content on current or compelling issues facing the PR practice in general? I found this one (right in your own backyard!) to be a really interesting topic for discussion: http://www.prgirlz.com/index.php/2006/11/14/you-manage-me-ill-manage-you/

    Also, it appears to me that the Tories’ current comm plan (or should I say non-comm plan) is on the verge of blowing up in their face in a big way (Kyoto/Nairobi was disaster!). Am I right? If so, why is it really bad right now? If not, why not?

    My two cents…

  • Well… being stuck on crutches these days I wasn’t able to make it down to Third Monday this week. I was hoping to see a recap here on Tuesday morning but sadly there was none. Any chance you’ll be posting something?

  • It’ll take more than a week and a dry spell to get me unsubscribed.

    – What’s your take on the CIPR Social Media Guidelines?
    – How important is accreditation in your firm when hiring or promoting?
    – What’s your take on the 3D hoopla? Second Life, et al? Next Big Thing or just a wannabe?
    – How often are you using the Social Media Press Release? What needs to happen for more PR Pros to start using it? Should they?

    Of course…there’s always poetry:-)

  • Judy Gombita

    Joe, I’d encourage you to continue the debate about the long-term usefulness and health of newspapers (as we know them, as they evolve), both print and online.

    If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, I also recommend you check out the lead article in the current issue of PRSA’s The Public Relations Strategist (theme: Surveying the New Media Landscape). It’s a panel discussion that examines the future of newspapers, “The Paper Chase: What Lies Ahead? Although it deals specifically with the American newspaper terrain, I noticed a lot of similarities with the challenges and opportunities discussed at mesh06, which featured the panel of online Canadian media representatives.

    The article provided me with a lot of food for thought; I suspect it would for you as well.

    (And when you do get inspired you have a lot of interesting things to say–enough with the desperation!)

  • Connie, Brendan, Anon (don’t worry, I know him), Sean, Steve, Mike and Judy. — ALL good suggestions.

    In the coming days, I will post on each of the things you suggested.

    Thank you for still coming here. Virtual friends can also be faithful friends!

  • Rob

    Still around, Joe – and still interested. Totally comprehend the frustration about blogs about blogging, but from my standpoint, there’s still a huge interest in the subject and an absolute black hole to be filled with expertise. I am getting a lot of requests from colleges and universities to shed light on the social media landscape, and in my view a lot of communicators, especially 1-man shops and NGO’s, are hard-pressed to devote resources to learn, understand and use it to their advantage. Your blog is always one I recommend, but it’s still so tough for these communicators to devote the kind of time it takes to grasp and inculcate the technology (even though I know it doesn’t take a lot). An online “Blogging 101” webinar could be of great use – comprising how to pick a good RSS reader, how to get started, etc specifically for the small PR/Communications shop? At this point, I’m at a loss as well – I know the resources are needed – just at a loss to figure out how to get a foothold in the community that most needs the help…