PubSub Problems

Media Orchard has pointed out that the PubSub stats are wildly inaccurate.

I noticed a few weeks ago that ProPR’s own stats on PubSub were wonky. In fact, PubSub stopped registering any entries or outlinks on February 24.

I wrote to PubSub about this and last week received the following response:

Hi Joseph:

We have pinpointed the problem.

Thank you for alerting us to this issue with LinkRanks. You have indeed stumbled on a problem with our rolling historical data, which are maintained in separate tables to help off-load our database. Somehow an error has snuck into those tables. We plan to just rebuild those convenience tables from our daily information and the error(s) you are seeing with historical counters should go away. This will take about a week to fix

We are also currently experiencing high loads as a result of explosive growth. Thus, some inlinks may not show up as expected. We are working hard to solve the problem and expect to have it resolved as quickly as possible.



Constantin Basturea’s PR List is a great way to help build a sense of community. But to do this, it has to be based on reliable traffic stats.

Let’s hope that PubSub is able to resolve this problem – and quickly.

  • Hi Thomas:

    We’re getting there. In fact, I posted a very similar comment to the e-mail that I sent to you to Scott’s blog about 5 minutes ago. 🙂

    Thanks again for your petience.

    Steven Cohen
    PubSub Concepts, Inc
    [email protected]

  • Steven,

    Thanks for the update. “Explosive growth” is a good problem to have to deal with!

  • Yes it is! I love problems that advance the blogging medium. Things could be a lot worse.


  • Likewise. I checked Pub Sub PR after the EuroBlog2006 conference in Stuttgart. As I am a lead researcher on the project and one of the conference organisers, Mediations was mentioned regularly by delegates and the blog was much busier than usual.

    My Pub Sub rating fell to its lowest level for months… Although I have had some prompt and friendly emails very few of the inward links I know are out there seem to show. They are trying to do a good job but at presnt Pub Sub’s credibility is taking a knock – which is a shame.