If you only read 12 blogs…

As I was reading through my copy of the April 16 issue of Marketing Magazine this morning, I was surpised (and more than a little delighted) to see that ProPR on the magazine’s “If you only read 12 blogs…” recommended list.

The full list includes: Joe Jaffe’s JaffeJuice, Seth Godin‘s blog, Jackie Huba’s and Ben O’Connell’s Church of the Customer, AdRANTS and fellow Canadians Mitch Joel’s Twist Image, OneDegree.ca, Sean Moffitt’s Buzz Canuck, Kate Trgovac’s mynameiskate, Michael Seaton’s The Client Side, and the CMA’s Canadian Marketing Blog .

I’m really honoured to be in such great company.

Marketing says about ProPR:

“Joseph Thornley (www.propr.ca) – The Thornley Fallis CEO provides conference coverage so good you never have to sit through another chicken dinner.”

That’s a compliment very much appreciated. But given how much my waist has expanded since I started liveblogging conferences for ProPR, I may well have eaten enough chicken dinners for all of us!