Linkworthy – Microblogging and Social Media Awards

Introduction to Microblogging and Tumblelogging

LinkworthyIn the past year, a number of social media platforms have been added to the standard blogging platform. Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Facebook and others are specialized to do one thing very well or to provide a place to bring together and share multimedia content from a variety of sources.

Confused by what is going on with all these new platforms? Well, Eric from Internet Duct Tape provides a great overview of the most popular of these new platforms along with their strengths and weaknesses. Read her his post and you’ll have the info you need to decide if one of these is right for what you want to do.

Recognizing the Best Uses of Social Media

Society for New Communications ResearchOne of the recurrent themes that has emerged at the new media conferences I’ve attended this past year has been the need for more case studies of companies, organizations and individuals who are demonstrating excellence in their use of social media. Todd Defren tells us that the Society for New Communications Research is accepting submissions for its annual awards for excellence in new communications. A great reason to put your hand up and let the world know about how you’ve used social media in the past year. Click over to Todd’s post and follow the links for more info on the awards.