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Enterprise 2.0

The final day of Enterprise 2.0 was a bit of a bust for me. I just didn’t connect with the speakers in two of the three panels I attended. And the scheduled speaker for the third session was a no-show!

But the good news is that the conference was heavily blogged and many of the other posters found a good deal of value in the sessions they attended. So, for my final post about the Enterprise 2.0 conference, here are some posts that I think are worth reading:

And for something extra, read these posts:

  • Jeffrey Walker reports on one of those dinner discussions that make attending an event really worthwhile, this one on the ROI of Enterprise 2.0.
  • Alec Saunders offers reflects on what’s really going on with Enterprise 2.0. And he thinks it’s something big.

So, that’s it for me here in Boston. Air Canada’s calling my flight and I’m heading home to Ottawa.