Talk is Cheap – a social media conference for communicators

Talk is CheapGary Shlee, the social media-savvy coordinator of the postgraduate Corporate Communications and Public Relations program at Toronto’s Centennial College has just pulled the wraps off Talk is Cheap – a social media unconference that Centennial will be hosting on November 15.

Visit Gary’s blog post for more info and then hop over to the conference Wiki to sign up as a participant or propose a session.

Congratulations on the initiative Gary. A great opportunity for experienced PR practitioners to share with PR students and the practitioners of tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the plug, Joe. Readers should know that this isn’t just an event for students. It’s targeted to all PR/corpcomm practitioners who want to find out more about how social media is having an impact. In fact, my hope is that lots of non-social-media-PR-types will find out about us, figure out how to register on the wiki, and take part!

    It’s going to be worthwhile, especially knowing that you’ve weighed in to do a session!