The First Podcamp Ottawa

Mark Blevis, co-founder of Podcasters Across Borders and Canadian Podcast Buffet is organizing the first Podcamp Ottawa this Sunday.

Podcamp is an Unconference. So, people who feel they have some knowledge or expertise they’d like to share with other participants can slot themselves into the schedule on the Podcamp Wiki. Speakers who’ve already indicated that they will lead sessions include Charles Hodgson, Tommy Vallier, Bob Goyetche and Mark.

Mark and I bumped into one another on Parliament Hill where he took a few minutes to discuss his plans to make Podcamp Ottawa a special experience for participants. Toward the end, he also provided a preview of this year’s Podcasters Across Borders.

You can watch Mark’s discussion with me by clicking on the image below.


If you can make it to Ottawa this Sunday, sign up to attend PodCamp Ottawa.


  • WTL

    See you there!

  • I’m glad someone stepped up to organize a PodCamp here in Ottawa. I attended PodCamp Boston 2 this year, which was quite a hike but well worth it.

  • Thanks for all of your support, Joe. I’m sorry you won’t be there with us. We’ll be sure to tell you what you missed.