Happy Thanksgiving Day from Ottawa, Canada

First snow at the Parliament Buildings in OttawaI want to wish all my American friends Happy Thanksgiving.

And today you have one more thing to celebrate. That you didn’t have to commute to work this morning through 15 centimetres of snow like we did in Ottawa.

Of course, we’ll be able to ski in a couple weeks. Just something to think about when I invite you to speak at a Third Tuesday!

First snow - No more soccer this yearHave a great, happy and warm holiday.


  • Thank you, Joe. I’m especially grateful for connecting with you online — the first person ever to comment on one of my blogs — and for getting to meet you at BlogOrlando a couple of months ago.

    How beautiful the snow is! Up until yesterday, we were still running the air conditioning here in Texas. Last night a cold front blew in and we turned the heat on. When we get snow — maybe once a year — we don’t know how to act.