Gadzooks. ProPR is two years old!

The first post on ProPR was dated two years ago today.

Here’s what I wrote in that first post:

Through this blog, I hope to have a voice in the discussion surrounding new developments in public relations, communications and marketing.

At my firm, we encourage people to develop to their maximum potential.

Thought leadership is an important goal for all professionals. With this blog, I hope to stimulate others to think about these issues and advance their own thinking.

Comments are an important means of contributing to the discussion. I encourage any who read this blog to offer their comments on my entries.

I’m still comfortable with that statement of purpose after two years. So, I think I’ll keep going.

And to you, my community, THANK YOU for reading, subscribing and, most of all commenting. Your comments are what really makes writing ProPR worthwhile.

  • Happy Anniversary, Joe!

    Keep the blog going strong.


  • Happy Blogbirthday, Joe. Here’s to more good stuff from you in the coming years. You have a great voice here and put out consistently interesting stuff.

  • You’ve done an amazing job of providing an interesting and insightful blog that allows readers to better understand the world of public relations and social media.

    Keep up the amazing work!


  • Joe,
    Keep up the great work. Your blog is a goldmine of great info and commentary…as well as a welcome breath of Canadiana for us ex-pats.

  • Happy Anniversary Joseph!

  • Congratulations on two years in. Here is to two years more. 🙂 You are a great friend and mentor Joe.

  • Congrats, Joe. Your blog doesn’t look a day over one and a half.

    You are one of the folks in my reader that I check AS SOON AS a new post appears. Keep up your great contributions to PR/social media.

  • Keep on truckin’ Joe!

  • Congrats on the 2 year anniversary of Pro PR! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way! Your presentation was full of valuable information and yes, the questions and comments raised by the audience was very insightful as well it defintely added to the experience!

  • Two years already! Congratulations Joe. You are indeed a pioneer in this area and it is you who inspired me to get into the blogosphere… and I’m so glad for it. So to my ‘blog mentor’ — a big congrats and keep those posts coming!

  • Jon Husband

    Congratulations, Joe. Your voice has grown clearer and stronger since then, and is being amplified.

  • Hey Joe, congrats on two years in the blogosphere. We’re all the better for your insights…