Third Tuesday Toronto postponed to December 4

CaseCamp Toronto6 has been scheduled on November 20, the same night as this month’s Third Tuesday Toronto.

Third TuesdayWe love CaseCamp as much as we love Third Tuesday. And we don’t want people to have to choose which event to attend.

So, we’ve decided to postpone Third Tuesday Toronto to December 4 so that people don’t have to choose.

And in December, we’ll have a great speaker Richard Binhammer – RichardatDell. We’ll also be moving to a larger venue so that we won’t have to turn anyone away.

I’ll post more info about the December 4 event in the next few days. In the meantime,  mark it in your calendars. You won’t want to miss Richard’s session.

  • Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the kind intro and opportunity to join the Toronto group.

    Im as anxious to learn about what all you are up to as I am to speak…and think Ill plan to be informal. Lets just all have a good conversation.

    If there are specifics people want to be sure we address, by all means post them here are over at richardatdell. Can’t wait to spend a few dayys with you and everyone else.

  • Joseph, wow, what a compliment! Once again, it was a real accident arranging our events for the same night. A special welcome to all the Third Tuesday’ers at CaseCamp tomorrow night. It’s going to be a blast!