FeedBurner Fail

FeedBurner logoYesterday morning, I noticed that the number of subscriptions for ProPR that FeedBurner is counting decreased by 400 between Sunday and Monday. I tweeted about this and several other people chimed in that they had experienced similar issues.

Dave Fleet reported that he’d seen a similar loss of subscribers to DaveFleet.com. Martin Edic, the Marketing Director at social media measurement service Techrigy noted that changes to iGoogle had resulted in the loss of a number of his RSS feeds. Luke Armour and Ryan Coleman both saw a sharp drop off in the number of their subscriptions to their blogs, Observations of Public Relations and Found in Translation. And Jamie Oastler tweeted that one day last week, it had appeared that subscriptions to Idealien had dropped to zero before bouncing back to their usual level.

Later in the afternoon, I tried to check my stats again to see whether they were still wonky. But all I was able to get was FeedBurner’s version of the FailWhale.

Someone's in the woodshed

Unreliable stats. Service disruptions. Google acquired FeedBurner more than a year ago. With all those dollars on the balance sheet, you’d think that Google would ensure that FeedBurner performs as well as Google’s core search service.

Do you know what is going on with FeedBurner? Why isn’t Google investing in making it more reliable?

  • Ike

    Don’t freak. It’s probably just a reporting error.

    From time to time, Google changes the way it reports out its numbers. Yes, they ought to keep Feedburner in mind when that happens, but anytime you rely on a daisy-chain of servers spewing data you can expect temporary hiccups. The numbers will come back.

    And as always, I’ve come to expect to get what I pay for from Google.

  • I don’t know- Google had a wildly unacceptable amount of downtime for Gmail last week, as much as 24 hours for paid accounts. It seems like something fundamental broke. And of course they have the worst customer service in the world-no email, no phone number, no contact, just help tutorials (which don’t work in these kinds of situations). Contacting them requires arcane detective work on their sites and blogs and they almost never respond.
    Any other company this huge would have built an equally huge commitment to customer support. I guess they feel that because these things are free we shouldn’t expect help. However they are building an enormously valuable datastore on the free applications, data they will monetize.
    Anyone out there listening, Goog?

  • Martin, I agree with you. Every interaction you and I have with google search or a google product like FeedBurner adds to Google’s database. So, they offer a top quality service in return for our contribution to them.