No answer at the Canadian Do Not Call Registry

Today is the first day of the new Canadian Do Not Call list. Our chance to get back at the obnoxious, persistent, call-at-any-time telemarketers by signalling that they do NOT have our permission to call us ever again.

Obviously, I’m not the only person trying to register on the Do Not Call list. On several successive attempts, I was greeted with this message.

No answer at the Do Not call registry

Clearly, the registry’s operators underestimated just how many of us really, really want to stop being interrupted by telemarketers.

But, if like me, you want to reduce the number of unwanted interruptions on your residential or cellular telephone line, you can try your luck to register online with the national Do Not Call list. Hopefully, by the time you try, you’ll be able to get through.

Oh. Of course, the registry does offer the old fashioned way to register by calling 1-866-580-DNCL (1-866-580-3625) or 1-888-DNCL-TTY (1-888-362-5889). But when I called, I received only a busy signal.

Oh well. I guess the Do Not Call registry doesn’t really want us to call after all.


Hurrah. Success. Finally, on day 2 of the registry, I was able to register my home and cell numbers on the Do Not Call list. Now, telemarketers have until November 1 to remove me from the list. I’m looking forward to the sound of silence.

  • WTL

    If I was working there, I would have expected the server to go down – and plan on it – and offer an interim solution: the NDNCL could accept phone numbers by email to ease the load and then process them after the surge of traffic.

    Email is easy and handles loads quite well.

  • “Your number has been successfully registered on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL).”

    Worked for me. The only trouble I experienced was with the verification. Apparently it’s case sensitive.

  • You think we’ll see a surge in spam email now that the DNC registry has launched (,,,,,sort of) ?

  • Maria Roman

    I just think the system is working out the kinks, I don’t think they expected so many people to take the initiative to call and be on the list. Come on now, we live in a lethargic society— who would have thought so many individuals hate telemarketer (I mean who doesn’t like to be sold random objects over the phone).
    But seriously, it is about time that something like this is implemented, how many of us have turned in to “screeners” due to telemarketers.

  • What is the big deal anyway?

    Nobody is obligated to answer their phone. If someone with a number I don’t recognize calls, I don’t answer. Done. The hysteria surrounding this is unreal.

    Also, if someone launches into some telemarketing spiel, I hang up immediately.

  • Elaine Taylor

    I registered for the no call list. I keep receiving phone calls from a # that is 000 000 0000. They call everyday. I also used to receive calls from this same # when I resided in Alta. I now reside in Ont. I am getting sick & tired of whoever is calling me from that #. Is there anyway you can find out who is making these calls

    Thank you