The best Websites built on WordPress?

WordCamp Toronto 2008I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Toronto on October 4. The theme of my session is “Blogging as a Cornerstone of Social Media.” Blogs are far from a spent force. In fact, blogging is being incorporated into an increasing number of Websites. And often we may not recognize that this has been done.

WordPress is being used as a platform and content management system for Websites that have embraced the concepts of conversation and interaction with community.

WordPressI’d like to include examples in my presentation of the smart Websites that are built on WordPress.

On Sunday, I asked on Twitter for examples of the best use of WordPress as a publishing platform. I received several responses.

  • Dave Cree, @clearpath_SEO, pointed me to the site for recently launched Propel Magazine, which is built on WordPress using the revolution theme. If he hadn’t told me it was built on WordPress, I would not have recognized it as such. A slick, clean, functional design.
  • Rob Cottingham, @robcottingham, said that the DreamHost Status site is built on WordPress. It’s not a very pretty site, but it’s a slamdunk use of the technology to stream info to a community of users and enable people to comment back.
  • Ryan Anderson, @ryananderson, sent me to look at the Ottawa Fringe Festival Website, which is built on WordPress. (And then later he told me it was built by 76design, my design shop. I didn`t know that. I guess I should pay closer attention to what we are working on.)
  • Ferg Devins, @molsonferg, told me that the Molson in the Community blog is built on WordPress. I like the way they incorporate a Vlog into their conversation.
  • And David Jones, @doctorjones, told me that Hill and Knowlton is using WordPress for social media newsrooms and releases. He didn’t have a live example to point me to on Sunday, but said he might have something live by the end of the week.

Now, I’d like to ask the same question of the people who visit Pro PR.

So, if you are reading this post, please tell me which Websites built on WordPress that have most impressed you.

I’ll do another post following the presentation detailing the examples I use and identifying/linking to the people who suggested them.

Thank you for helping me with the research for this presentation.

  • Joe, all our projects are built on WordPress:

    eBay Ink
    eBay News Microsite

    There are a few more big names coming as well, all on WP

  • According to Matt Mullenweg, the following companies are using WordPress: NY Times, WSJ, CNN, Fox, Time, People. That should set you on the right path…

  • Thanks for the pointers, Chris and Josh.

    Having seen the presentation of the Sony Playstation case at BlogOrlando, I know that’s a killer site. And it’s made even more interesting by the threaded comments plug-in. Something which Sony has made freely available to the community. More on that in my next post.

  • We tend to use either WordPress, Drupal or Typepad for our social media clients, as each has distinct advantages/disadvantages and it really is horses for courses with none of them being ‘best’.

    Two recent WordPress sites are:

    Sony Ericsson Xperiancers blog
    Wolfstar – our own corporate site is also based on the Revolution theme (still needs to be finished)

  • Joe:

    Here’s a blog I came across earlier today that I really like:

    Easy on the eye, easy to find the RSS link, information about the blogger, and how to connect with her on other social media sites. And the sidebar isn’t too cluttered.

    Bryan Person
    LiveWorld social media evangelist

  • We use WordPress for nearly everything, such as:

    We have a benchmarking product at we use the blog here:


    while the product explanation is on another blog, namely

    Surely not the nices but it work for a small company like ours.

  • It’s amazing to think about how far WordPress has come.

  • Here’s another – the Maclean’s blog hub ( is run on WordPress MU.

  • wp has become the talk of all the people around the world a great platform offered to communicate ones opinion on something and getting a lot of comments on that.

  • I do agree I think wordpress is great for blogging but I feel you must also do social networking like twitter is a must I get a fair bit of traffic from twitter.


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