Social Media Measurement Roundtable

We’re just one week away from the Roundtable on Social Media Measurement and Metrics .

We’ve assembled a great group of participants who represent measurement experts, developers of social media metrics applications, corporate communicators and marketers and social media thought leaders. (I’ll publish a list of the participants in a separate post.)

We’ll be picking up the discussion from the previous roundtables that yielded the Tracking the Influence of Conversations and Distributed Influence: Quantifying the Impact of Social Media White Papers.

It is our intention to produce a White Paper that advances the discussion begun in these previous roundtables and White Papers.

For my part, I’m hoping that we be able to develop suggested guidelines for a social media measurement dashboard. As a minimum, we could suggest what components should be part of the ideal social media measurement dashboard and how should each should be weighted. Of course, this will vary by specific objectives and context. So, I think a good start would be to produce two model dashboards for two common scenarios:

  • a dashboard that could be applied to social influence marketing and
  • a dashboard to measure community building and engagement.

What do you think? If we produce this, would it be a useful next step? Are there other things we should be aiming for?

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  • Are you tracking the Measurement Camp group in the UK? They’re chasing after some of the same questions.

  • Joe,
    I am glad you are proposing to focus the discussion on specific business functions such as the areas that you outlined above. Without this, the problem set is too vague and too broad. The interesting thing about social media is that the more important and significant it becomes, the broader we see its uses and applications. It is a very powerful and unique communications medium that becoming broader and more diverse each day. Companies can use it for customer support, lead generation, or marketing to influencers – but these are all very different things.

    To help make sure everyone is on the same page regarding your proposed starting point, I think it would be very helpful if you would elaborate on the two areas above: “social influence marketing” and also “community building and engagement”. I would love to see you elaborate on a the definition of these and their desired outcomes to kick things off.

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  • Joseph,

    Do you have a call in number or any other form through which the community in general can listen and learn?


  • Hi Aaron,
    We don’t have a call in number. I expect that some of the participants will be using Twitter – I’m @thornley – and it will be possible to hook into the conversation that way.

    As well, we are recording the session and will be publishing a white paper to provide a basis for further discussion.

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