What is the most you have paid for Internet access in a hotel?

What is the most that you have ever paid for Internet access in a hotel?

I thought I’d seen everything. But this week, I stayed in the Westin Paris and I realized that gouging customers could be taken to a whole new level.

First, Internet in my room costs 7 Euros for one hour or 25 Euros for 24 hours. That’s Canadian $10.74 per hour or $38.50 per day. In U.S. dollars it’s $9.59 per hour or $34.25 per day.

But wait. Read on. There’s more!

Internet in your room costs 25 Euros per day

You’d think that buying Internet access in your room for $38.50 would get you access to the WiFi if you are sitting in the hotel lobby or buying a bit of lunch in the bar. But you’d be wrong.

If you shell out $38.50 for Internet in your room and then try to log on to the WiFi in the hotel lobby, you’ll discover that WiFi costs extra. Not a little bit extra, but 12 Euros for one hour or 39 Euros for 24 hours extra. That’s Canadian $18.48 per hour or $60.06 per day. In U.S. dollars, it’s $16.44 per hour or 53.43 per day.

Wow. Let me say that again. WOW! Read on.

Westin Paris charges 39 Euros extra to log on to WiFi

If you add up both the in-room charge and the WiFi charge, you can pay Canadian $98.56 per day (U.S. $87.68) for Internet access at the Westin Paris.

That seems to me to be an excessive charge. In fact, I’d call it gouging.

How about you? What do you think? Is this too much? What is the most you have ever paid for Internet access in a hotel?

  • I think this is simply insane. The most I paid for access was about $40 for the day in Hamburg but it was just for my room – they did not offer WiFi at that time. Given that the cheap hotel in Florida I stayed in for a conference had free WiFi, it certainly doesn’t make any sense to charge that much, even in a nice Parisian hotel.

    Imagine how many croissants that could buy you!

  • I just got back from vacation (I was still in Canada, but still…), and we didn’t shell out for internet access at all. Granted, we didn’t take a laptop, but with a BlackBerry and an iPhone between us we managed to keep up with everything we needed to. $98.56/day is most certainly gouging of the highest order.

    Of course, I’m one of those people who thinks access should be everywhere and free, ideally with lattes on demand as well. 🙂

  • Yikes. That’s too much. The most I’ve paid has been $15 US per day, plus tax. BUT since there were two of us in the room, with separate laptops, we had to pay it twice. Also, I have found that in many places, as you’ve seen, wifi in the lobby or meeting rooms might entail an extra charge. Ridiculous.

  • That is retarded.

    maybe FON? http://www.fon.com/en/

    http://maps.fon.com/ – There are literally thousands of FON WiFi points in Paris. Maybe a few leak into the lobby?

  • Robbery!

    When I stayed at the Renaissance Toronto, I paid whatever the fee was for access from my room, and when I woke up in the morning, it was cut because it was a whole new day. I felt that a daily fee should at least spam check-in time to to check-out time.

  • That’s crazy. The most I’ve ever paid for hotel internet was $20 a day at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa (or rather, my employers were paying it, but anyway….)

    They’re charging that because they know people will pay it. Our world is so connected now that people feel at a loss if they can’t get on the net anywhere, anytime.

    I’d say boycott, but unless there’s an internet cafe nearby, how can you?

  • Clearly, WiFi profiteering is a problem system-wide at Westin.

    Was at the Westin Pittsburgh (US) in June for a PRSA conference presentation. Evidently, the PRSA staffers who had flown in from NYC had been told emphatically by the Director of Sales at that hotel (as an inducement to hold the event there) that free WiFi would be available to all conference attendees — on the session floors, as well as the lobby and other public areas.

    Imagine my delight to discover that the “Free” WiFi promised to PRSA was being magnimously offered at, if memory serves, USD $5.00 for 15 minutes. That’s $20.00 hour people, and an abject disgrace in 2008.

    You’re on Notice, Westin. Not another shekel from me until further notice, be assured.

  • sue

    “surf one dollar per minute up to 40 minutes & earn a package from 40 minutes to 24 hours for 40 dollars only.” led me to think I would get 40 minutes + 24 hours (960 minutes) for 80 dollars .

    After spending about 30 minutes a day for 3 days, I was hit with a bill for 90 dollars.

    What is the mathematical interpretation of the quoted invitation to surf?

    I wrote management that I would request the English proficient on the internet for advice.

    Management threatened to get me fired from my job as my company has a long-term contract with their hotel.

    I think the internet service is a contract with me as I pay for it.

    Management did complain to my boss who requested me not to create a fuss over a petty sum.

    Do you think this hotel is not guilty of misleading advertising?

  • Got to agree with Joseph about his statement on Internet charges in Paris. Hotel internet access rates are so high in Paris, they simply negate any saving made by booking a cheap hotel. Most of the time I simply prefer to do without Internet access while in Paris (Price is a good excuse !). The second highest I found was in the UK !