What social media topics do you want to hear about at the conferences you attend this year?

I try never to give the same presentation twice. The real world of social media is changing and developing rapidly. And my presentations should reflect those changes. So, what was new last year may be old this year.

If you’re like me, I’m sure that you scrutinize conference agendas closely so that you can pick the topics and sessions that will offer you the greatest opportunity to learn about and discuss issues that matter to you.

I should be shaping my conference presentations to cover the issues that interest the participants. So, I thought I’d ask you, the readers of my blog, what social media topics you’d like to hear about at the conferences you attend this year.

To prime the discussion, here’s a topic for a presentation that I submitted to a conference organizer earlier this week:

Measuring Social Media : Social media gives individuals the power to switch instantly from reader to author. And this has transformed the Internet into a web of communities of interest. Organizations are changing their communications to be part of the communities that matter to their customers, clients and stakeholders. But how do they measure what they are achieving through this effort?

In this session you will learn:

What to measure in social media;

What tools will help you measure social media;

The basic building blocks of a measurement dashboard for community managers.

Would you find a session on this topic useful?

What are the social media topics that you would to hear about at the next conference you attend?

  • Yes, I would find the topic useful. Social media measurement is critical. If we want more traditional businesses to put resources toward social media initiatives, we have to be able to demonstrate the ROI though well-supported data. We need more presentations and discussion on this subject.

  • Great discussion

    To your measuring session, what we measure is the following:
    – level of activity of the team i.e nbr of comments in relevant blogs, nbr of posts in our own blog
    -level of awareness generated: nbr of comments in our blog, nbr of comments to our comments
    – level of actionable influence tm 🙂 gained: i.e nbr of influencers/ket bloggers in our domain that have joined one team member network in LinkedIn and Facebook
    – nbr of leads

    As far as other topics, here are my suggestions:

    – Strategy for social media marketing, defining measurable objectives, aligning with marketing objectives with examples from different industries

    – Dealing with the growth of infrastructures and the complexity of social media ( from the hundreds of social networking platforms to the 1000s of relevant blogs and hundreds of advertising networks specializing in social properties).

    Hope to see you in a conference !

  • Sounds like a great preso Joe. I love how you are linking in the other hot topic around the community manager role. Definitely lots to talk about where the two subjects over lap.

  • How about measuring how your brand is ranking in social media sphere independent of your own social media initiative (or lack thereof)?

    Now, I get that brands need to know how to measure social media success before allotting budgets into such initiatives. However, if they knew how to measure how their brand (or those of their competitors) already ranks in social media channels, they might have a better point of departure because they’d be able to gage how urgent it is that they participate or how much of an opportunity there is to doing so.

  • What has been lacking for a long time–and is in reality a sad admission that few have really figured it out–is having someone come forward and talk very frankly about the challenges, pitfalls, perils, solutions and success of implementing a SM Marketing initiative within the constraints of the traditional Client-Agency structure.

    Much is said about how wonderful and easy SM is… but that certainly is not so when one must juggle what should be done and how it should be done with what the client thinks. And then factor into this the realities of how much it costs to set up a proper SM program.

    My old colleagues over at motum b2b have a good handle on this with their Buy Safe Media campaign (www.buysafemedia.com).