How I spent my summer vacation – in Charlottetown with PlanetEye

St. Dunstan's Basilica

I just spent four days in Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island. A beautiful place that is famous for its ocean vistas, rolling red farmland (yep, the oxidizing iron turns the soil red), Confederation Centre of the Arts (the stage production of Anne of Green Gables is in its 40th year), endless red sand beaches and historic sites (Canada was born here when the Fathers of Confederation met in 1864 at Province House.)

North Rustico Harbour

So, what did I do when I was relaxing there? I created user generated content. Not the kind that I usually create here (words followed by more words.) While I was in Charlottetown, I put PlanetEye ‘s picture uploader and geotag features through their paces.

I uploaded about 100 pictures of the attractions and historic areas of Charlottetown, North Rustico Harbour (the epitome of a Canadian east coast village), the beaches and cliffs of Prince Edward Island Park (look for the picture of the fox that trotted right up to our car while holding a rabbit in its mouth) and, of course, Green Gables (if you’re the parent of a girl, you’ll know what that is.)

I uploaded photos from my flickr page directly to PlanetEye. It was simple. Took about 2 minutes for each batch of 20 to 25 pictures. And then the geotagging worked perfectly. I simply dragged and dropped my photos onto a map in the location where I’d taken them.

If you’re interested in an unspoiled place for a summer vacation, take a look at Charlottetown on PlanetEye or at my Charlottetown photo set on Flickr .


Fox by the roadside in Prince Edward Island National Park


  • Thanks for the tip on PlanetEye. I look forward to uploading some user content when I head home to the Jersey Shore. Sadly lacking content on my hometown.

  • Ha, I have pictures of the same North Rustico beach taken 2 weeks ago. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  • I’m starting to think that PlanetEye is a client, Joseph 😉

    It’s to bad PlanetEye doesn’t do video. I just spent a long weekend in the Ottawa Valley and have loads of oddities to share.

  • Hi CT,

    PlanetEye is not a client. Just a great, great Canadian startup. I’d love to work for them. However, Blodgett did their launch out of the U.S.

  • I was just teasing, Joseph. You know I think that you’re too much of a stand-up guy to not disclose something on your blog. If I didn’t, I probably would’ve gone on a tirade against some opinion of yours by now.

  • I think PlanetEye is a good upstart that’s on it’s way to really making an impact in the field in the great white north as well as their southern neighbors. Glad you took some of the pictures of Prince Edward Island. I have never been there, but I think it’s a peaceful place: Perfect for some R & R. I even liked the fox with the vermin prey in it’s mouth: Nice touch!

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