Who are the social media innovators in Seattle and Vancouver?

Regular readers of Pro PR will have noticed that I’ve been posting video interviews with people who are leading the way in developing social media applications or applying social media in innovative ways for community building, marketing or organizational communications (either internal or external.)

I’m going to be in Seattle in mid-August to attend Gnomedex. I’ll be spending a day in Vancouver on my way there.

What Seattle or Vancouver-based social media companies and executives would you suggest I try to interview while I’m on the West Coast?

  • Would love to talk to you about Long Tale Press. It is a new community 2.0-based publishing company.

  • Would enjoy meeting – let us know when you can stop by.


    Blake Cahill
    Visible Technologies

  • Though they aren’t necessarily a social media company, I think it’d be intesting to speak to Vancouver based Sitemasher (recent recipient of Microsoft’s Blue Sky Award). These guys are providing neat/affordable website opportunities for the next generation of new media folks like myself.

    Check ’em out http://www.sitemasher.com

  • Forget talking to execs. Talk to the people doing the work. Suggest these in Vancouver:

    – Nic Bouton: Protagonize
    – Tim McAlpine: Currency Marketing (they did a fantastic campaign for Commonwealth CU)
    – William Azaroff: ChangeEverything (you can get to him via Vancity, ChangeEverything.ca or his blog

  • Talk to Capulet Communications. Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo are amazing…and two of their clients just won PICK 20 Web 2.0 Awards.