A smart use of Twitter by Hyatt Hotels

HyattGoldPassport 090717I received this email from the folks who run the Hyatt Hotels guest loyalty program:

We are pleased to announce that Hyatt™ is extending its hospitality and service to accompany you at all times during your travel journey. Whether it’s before, during or after your stay, Hyatt hospitality will be on-hand to make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable through our new service called HyattConcierge, which can be accessed through Twitter by any web-enabled device.

Twitter is a network of 3 million users and is a great tool to find quick, easy answers and information. Need directions to the Grand Hyatt New York? A restaurant recommendation in Hong Kong? A spa appointment at Hyatt Regency Waikiki? HyattConcierge is there to assist you with your travel questions and requests.

To access HyattConcierge, visit twitter.com/HyattConcierge to create an account or to follow us. Once connected, send us your “tweets” and we’ll be there. This service is another way for us to show our commitment to making you feel more than welcome at every Hyatt worldwide.

HyattConcierge is at your service.

Safe Travels,

Jeff Zidell
Vice President
Hyatt Gold Passport™

A smart move by Hyatt. They have extended their relationship with me to where I am – on Twitter. And I love that they’re doing this. A great example of a company making it a bit easier for me to do business with them – on my terms and in the way that I want.

Kudos to Hyatt.