Call for help: Third Tuesday

Steve RubelFor three years, Third Tuesday Toronto and Third Tuesday Ottawa have provided the social media community with opportunities to meet and discuss the most important trends and leading developments in social media, online community and relationships, and the implications of these things on traditional media and organizations.

I’m often asked by people how they can help with the organization of Third Tuesday. And I tell them that one thing we always need help with is identifying the topics that people want to discuss and speakers who have a thought provoking perspective to spark the conversation.

Katie PaineHow do we get speakers to appear at Third Tuesday? The people who participate in Third Tuesday work our networks. We invite people we know whether they’ll speak to our community. And some smart people have said yes.

In the past three years, we’ve had some great speakers on topics that resonated with the community. People like Steve Rubel, Shel Israel, Shel Holtz,Podcaster and blogger, Shel Holtz Richard Binhammer, Mathew Ingram, Michael Geist, Mark Evans, Colin McKay, Anthony Williams, Rob Hyndman, Michael McDerment, Saul Colt, Katie Paine, Marcel LeBrun, Carol Leaman, Marcel Lebrun, David Alston, Jeff Braybrook, Niall Cook, Bryan Person, Ilya Grigorik, Melanie Baker, Jim Murphy, Stephen Taylor, Paul Wells, Marshall Sponder, Mitch Joel, Alex and Ali de Bold, Darren Barefoot, Jesse Brown, Brendan Hodgson, Giovanni Rodriguez, Danielle Donders, Ryan Anderson, Marc Snyder, Joe Boughner, David Jones, Terry Fallis, Julie Rusciolelli, Keith McArthur and Martin Waxman.

Shel Israel, Author, Speaker, Nice Guy!So, if you have ideas for topics that you think would spark discussion at Third Tuesday, I’d like to hear from you. Even better, if you know someone who might be able to present a unique and leading edge perspective on this area, could you help us invite that person.

I’d love to hear from you either through a comment or by sending a message to @thornley on Twitter.

  • Ever consider organizing a 3rd Tues All Star speaking tour. Maybe have huge 3rd Tues events in different cities with multiple speakers, or just get a roster of “all stars” and round robin them around the country so that every 3rd tues in every major city simultaneously features someone awesome.

  • You and the Third Tuesday gang have done a fantastic job over the past 3 years Joe. It was a pleasure speaking at the event and always great attending them whenever I’m in the big smoke.

  • Hi Joe,

    I’m not sure if maybe this has been covered in previous Third Tuesdays, but I would be interested to hear from journalists about how social media has changed and impacted the way they research their stories, the ethics around citing sources/fact checking and the influence it has had on ‘breaking news’.


  • Joe, I know David Henderson (, Emmy-Award winning former CBS Correspondent and author of “The Media Savvy Leader”, would be very keen to speak at a Third Tuesday Ottawa. I’m trying to work on getting him here for a few speaking ops. I would gladly help out in any way I can.

  • Lisa Gibbens

    How about exploring some of the legal / privacy challenges inherent in social media? Anne Cavoukian (privacy commissioner) put out a paper on privacy & cloud computing and is supposed to be working on a discussion paper on privacy and social media as it applies to government. That, I’d love to see!

  • Lisa, Anne Cavoukian is a great speaker idea. I was very impressed with her interviews with CBC’s Search Engine about privacy issues. I’ll follow up to see if she might be prepared to speak at a session.