If you're in Calgary or Edmonton, let's talk social media

mriaWhen I return to Canada from Australia next week, I’m heading to Alberta to make two presentations on social media at the University of Calgary on March 4 and then at the University of Alberta in Edmonton on March 5.

The sessions are being hosted by the Alberta Chapter of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association. It’s their first foray onto university campuses. So, I’m really keen to do a good job for them.

The MRIA Website describes the session this way:

Social media has become an important fact of life for a growing number of Canadians. As its use increases, it has far reaching impact on our choice of media and how we spend our time. People no longer serve as mute audiences, but now engage in the act of creation, sharing and curating content. In the process, new communities of interest are forming that transcend geographical boundaries.

Social media is different from the early Web. It’s about relationships. It’s about community. It’s about the things that happen offsite – the linkbacks, the retweets, the references to our content, and the online (and offline) communities that are formed. How can organizations know what they want to achieve in social media and what are the emerging tools they can use to measure success against those criteria.

Join us for our next Lunch and Learn event on what social media is, how its read/write nature fulfills the potential of the Web, and how different people use it in different ways (for example; lurkers, critics, joiners, creators, etc.)

If you’re in Alberta and you’re interested in social media, you can register online to attend either the Calgary or the Edmonton sessions. And if you read this blog and attend the session, please do say hello to me. I always welcome a smile and a human connection.

  • Hey Joe,

    I’ll be attending the Third Tuesday Calgary meetup. Will you be covering similar topics?

    See ya Wednesday!


    • Hi Matt, I’ll be offering very different presentations. I’m focusing my MRIA presentation on a university audience looking ahead to how social media will figure in the workplaces and organizations they will soon join. At Third Tuesday, I’m hoping to introduce topics that will stimulate discussion among users of social media. When you get to Third Tuesday, please grab me and say hello.

  • Joe, great presentation. Well done.
    I know quite a bit in this area but I learned a lot.

    • Thank you Jeff, I had a great time. Presenting to university students mixed in with business people is a great experience. The future and present in one place.