Leo Laporte Deep Sixes Michael Arrington on Gillmor Gang

I’ve been listening to and watching Leo Laporte on TV and the Web for years. He comes across as a truly nice guy. So, I was floored when he went nuclear on Michael Arrington. Swore at him. Threw him off TWiT and told Steve Gillmor to find another place to produce Gillmor Gang.

Shortly after, Michael Arrington wrote about the exchange in a post on TechCrunch. He apologized – and then added a short message from Leo Laporte apologizing for overreacting.

OK. So today’s contretemps is over. But …there must be a lot more history here to have triggered Leo’s angry outburst. Wow.

  • GeekFilter

    I think it was a combination of Leo’s growing disappointment in the contentious atmosphere of the show, Michael Arrington’s issue with Palm, and Steve Gillmor’s family issues. The followup conversation was great and while I think Leo and Michael left off in a good place, it seems to me that the Gillmor Group may not be staying on TWiT–and not because of a decision by Loe. I think Steve’s comments about not caring about the community didn’t help matters.


  • GeekFilter

    Er…Leo not Loe. Tired and flu not a good combination for correct spelling.

  • You have a point. There must be some other reason that cause Leo’s overreacting.

  • buddha

    I have tried to watch the Gillmore Gang several times and for one reason or another I always quit. I think the contentious atmosphere is a turn off and I have reached my limit on idiots who for one reason or another are viewed as god like in Silicon Valley but really were just at the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, I have found that I am not listening to TWIT, Cranky Geeks, DLTV or GeekBrief as much due to the later issue. It’s possible that I am simply getting bored with tech podcast genre. Are other folks also feeling this antipathy too? I miss the early TWIT shows with the old Screen Savers crew + Dvorak. The show was about technology by people who really know it and not the pretty people of position (like Jason) and power who seem to now participate on the show.

  • Yes, Buddha I can feel what you are talking about – although I happen to feel Jason C adds a dimension that interests me – ie how entrepreneurs see tech differently. My mother was from Brooklyn so his personality doesn’t bother me. 🙂 They are at their best when they are just groovin’ on tech. I think MacBreak is the most fluid techie intelligentsia show that Keo does maybe because it is highly cooperative and uncontentious.