My first podcast. How did I do?

Shel Holtz has posted the episode of the For Immediate Release podcast that I recorded with him today.

FIRI had a great time doing this with Shel. The hour rushed by for me, as I hope it will for anyone who listens to the podcast.

And thanks to this peek behind the curtain of FIR, I came away with even more respect for Shel. He is a gracious and generous host. He took my hand (figuratively) and guided me through my first podcast experience, making a fairly complex process feel effortless.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty good. However, what you think matters a heck of a lot more than what I think.

So, if you listen to the show, please let me know what you thought of it. And if there are ways I could improve my own performance, feel free to leave a comment with any advice you’d care to offer.

  • Just listening now. Great job Joe. Good to hear your voice with Shel. Interesting thoughts on the emerging importance of video…

  • I really enjoyed the podcast as well, Joe. I listened late last night while driving from Austin toward Houston.

    I was particularly fascinated by your take on the “content gap” in that northern “region” known as Canada.

    Hope to hear you again on FIR, Joe. Or maybe you could fill in on occasion on Inside PR. Dave Jones is always coming down with fake colds, isn’t he? Could be your entree … ha!