The City of Ottawa gets into social media: Third Tuesday Ottawa

cityofottawalogo-090615Over the past year, Chris Wightman (@cwightman), the City of Ottawa‘s Manager of eMedia, and his team have explored how the city could use social media to improve information sharing among employees and to bring the city closer to citizens.

Chris will be talking at the next Third Tuesday Ottawa about his experience with social media at the city. Chris will describe the hightlights of the city’s exploration of social media, what has worked, what hasn’t worked yet and what comes next.

Third Tuesday Ottawa

I think you’ll find that this is a classic case with lessons that anyone in a public service environment can use. From making a business case for each tool being explored through to making the case for open source software, Chris and his team have been there.¬†They’ve also tackled the challenge of educating their colleagues about social media and its potential to help them do their jobs. And they’ve faced the expected corporate concerns of IT system security, privacy, accessibility and, of course, resources.

If you’re in government or a large organization, and you’re looking for inspiration and examples you can use in introducing social media in your work environment, you’ll find Chris’ presentation to be chock full of useful information.

You can register online to attend Third Tuesday Ottawa with the City of Ottawa’s Chris Wightman.

And once again, thank you to our founding sponsor, CNW Group, who have been with us from the outset. Your support enables us to continue to organize better and better Third Tuesdays.

  • Hey Joe,

    I posted this question on the TTO meetup site but I know that discussion there don’t seem to get a lot of attention so I thought I’d ask here as well.

    What is the rationale for the $10 fee, especially given the continued support of CNW (according to the sidebar on the meetup site “CNW’s support helps us keep Third Tuesday a free community event”)?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have problem paying the fee. But some explanation may be in order. When Social Media Breakfast introduced a fee they did so after raising the idea in a survey and they included an explanation on the registration page. Some detail on where the money goes might be useful.

    Thanks again for your great work organizing these events; I’m looking forward to this discussion.

  • Erm, that should say I have NO problem paying the fee (third paragraph, first line). Talk about a poorly-timed typo!

  • Joe, thanks for asking the question about why the fee for Third Tuesday. I’ve also introduced them in Toronto. So, I’ll write a separate post of explanation. But the basic answer is so that we can offer even better speakers for Third Tuesdays across the country next year. More details on my post … to come.

  • Joe Troxler

    Looking forward to the City of Ottawa presentation? Will handouts be distributed? I hope so.