Disclosure: We're on the Zoompass team

Thornley Fallis has been engaged to help EnStream launch the Zoompass mobile payment service. (Zoompass users can request and transfer money between one another directly from their smartphones. They can also transfer money directly to a prepaid touchless MasterCard to make purchases.)

zoompasslogoDuring the launch phase, Kerri Birtch (@kerribirtch), Dave Fleet (@davefleet), and I (@thornley) will be monitoring the online discussions about Zoompass and participating in them through the Zoompass Twitter ID and through posts on the Zoompass blog. We’ll be supporting Zoompass’ Vice President, Aran Hamilton (@aranh) in this effort.

It’s our hope that, working as a team, we’ll be able to be present in the conversation from early in the morning to late at night seven days a week.

If we refer to Zoompass on our own Twitter accounts, we’ll insert “(client)” into the tweet to be sure that the reader, whether they know us or not, is alerted to the fact that we have a relationship with Zoompass.

I’m really excited about being part of the launch. I’ve been playing with Zoompass for a couple months prior to the launch and I think it will add a whole new function to my cellphone.

If you are curious about Zoompass and how you could use it, click over to the Zoompass Website to sign up to try it out. And once you start to use it, follow the Zoompass Twitter stream. If you ask a question or offer a comment there, you can be sure that we’ll respond to it.

  • Hi Joe,

    Without commenting on the service itself (since I have no experience with it), I am intrigued by the strategic approach of having a PR firm handling a company’s Twitter feed and blog posts.

    First of all, kudos on the disclsoure in this post and in the Twitter bio for the Zoompass feed. While it doesn’t specify that three of you are agency reps (I assume because of lack of character room) at least people can look you up and find that out for themselves.

    I’m interested to see how this plays out. There’s potential for backlash from people who won’t believe PR agency reps can legitimately speak for a company but I think your attempts at disclosure will go along way towards mitigating that.

    But I am left to wonder what the long-term strategy is here. Are the three TF folks only tweeting during the (anticipated) flurry of comments during the launch? Will you eventually be handing it off to the Zoompass folks full time?

  • Hi Joe, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. This is a launch effort primarily.

    Zoompass wants to open a line of communication with its user community – in the places they are likely to be.

    So, we at Thornley Fallis are helping them to set this up and to handle the initial discussions around the launch. Once we have had an opportunity to gauge the volume of discussion and where it is taking place, we will be able to recommend a permanent staffing solution to Zoompass.

    In the short term, Zoompass takes the online conversation. There can be no clearer indicator of that than the fact that the Zoompass exec who has decided to tweet is @aranh, Zoompass’ VP of Strategic Partnerships.

    Social media is integral to Zoompass’ strategy for building and sustaining relationships with its community of users. And we’ll be working hard to get this off on the right foot.

  • Great initiative, great launch, and I focused on it after reading a tweet

  • Congrats on the biz. I read about this in the papers on Friday. It reminds me of my Mondex days. The whole idea of person to person payments….except back then we had special devices to use…phones not yet there. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I think getting merchants onboard will be key to make this more compelling…but alas, it’s a start.

    Just my two cents. Er….does the system deal with that kind of micropayment:) ??

  • Thanks for your comment Eileen.

    Yes, Zoompass supports retail purchases through a Zoompass prepaid Mastercard. I can load money into the MasterCard directly from my Zoompass account and use it instantly to pay for things at any merchant that accepts MasterCard.