The Morning After Mesh: A Third Tuesday Social Media Breakfast with Bryan Person

ThirdTuesdayTorontoThird Tuesday Toronto has taken on a range of different formats – a small group gathering in a pub; a large event of 200+ people; a dinner conversation. What’s made all of these events distinctive is that we look for interesting speakers with a unique perspective who can provide a jumping off point for our conversations. What has bound all of these formats together is our focus on social media and its impact on community building, communications and organizations.

This week we’re venturing into new ground. We’re holding our first Third Tuesday Social Media Breakfast. On the morning after Mesh, April 9.

Why breakfast? Well, it’s convenient for some people who can’t stay downtown in the evening. And even more importantly, Bryan Person is in Toronto.

bryan-person-090405Bryan Person is the founder of the Social Media Breakfast series which, along with Social Media Club, would be considered the U.S. counterpart to Third Tuesday. His day job is social media evangelist for LiveWorld, an agency that builds, manages, and moderates online white-label communities for brands. Bryan will be in town next week for Mesh and would like to catch up with Toronto’s digital leaders … over breakfast, of course!

I’ve known Bryan for several years. So, when he said that he’d be coming to Toronto, what would be more natural than offering him a hearty Toronto social media welcome. And who knows, this may just be the start of a Third Tuesday Social Media Breakfast series.

If you’re interested in meeting Bryan and talking social media over breakfast, you can register online to attend the Third Tuesday Toronto Social Media Breakfast.