Things that keep me awake … at Third Tuesday Calgary

Third Tuesday social media meetupI’m getting a chance to visit old friends in Calgary early in March. And they’ve been nice enough to ask me to be the speaker at Third Tuesday Calgary.

I’ll be arriving the previous afternoon from Sydney, Australia  and also will have spoken to another group at lunch. So, I’ve kept the promise and, hopefully, the expectations of my performance modest with a session description that I hope will spark some good discussion among participants once I’ve kicked it off. Here’s the description from the Third Tuesday Calgary meetup site:

Things that keep Joseph Thornley awake at night…

Joseph Thornley will lead a different type of Third Tuesday Calgary discussion. What are the issues relating to social media that you keep coming back to? What are the ones that just haven’t been put to bed yet?

He’ll prime the discussion by sharing with us the things that keep him awake at night:

Twitterquette: How much honesty is too much? Can you make a critical point in 140 bursts? Or is better not to?

Social Media’s relationship with Mainstream Media: (Yes, that again.) MSM takes pride in the editorial function. But is that still a factor when both the CBC and the Globe and Mail use CoverItLive to provide real time coverage of events like the Federal Budget and President Obama’s visit to Ottawa?

Measurement: Are we what we measure? If that’s the case, what is social media?

Fragmentation: It’s not about blogging anymore. Social media tools have proliferated. And as they have, our presence has fragmented into shards spread around the social media scape. How do I stay in control of my own social media presence in this fragmented environment?

The social media creation gap: Canadians lag behind Americans in creation of social media content. According to Forrester’s Social Technographic profiles, the number of online Canadians who are creators, critics or collectors is only half that of Americans who do the same things. Will we continue to be able to see ourselves in social media if this trend persists?

If you’re in Calgary on March 4, I hope you’ll come out to Third Tuesday Calgary and participate in the discussion. You can register online to attend.

Thank you to @andrewmcintyre for organizing this event. And as always, thanks to all the good people at CNW Group, who continue to support Third Tuesday as our national sponsor.

  • Looking forward to hearing you speak again, Joe.

  • Joe,

    I’m looking forward to the discussion. Although it’s not a topic that I suspect you want to dwell on, I’m very interested to hear you elaborate on your “dialog” (is that the right word?) with Ira Basen. Lessons Learned?

    Here’s another preemptive question: Is CoveItLive substantively different from broadcast journalists asking a group of people their opinion on live TV?

    • Andrew, I’m happy to talk about my discussion with Ira. I’ve tried to avoid making it an “argument” because I think there is much to learn from people who have advanced different perspectives.

      I think a significant difference between CoverItLive and people who are interviewed on TV is that the people who post to CoverItLive are self selected. And they comment on events as they are happening, not after the fact.

      I’d be happy to talk about both these things. I’m looking forward to seeing the Calgary Third Tuesday community.

  • Joe, this sounds like a fascinating discussion, and all of the issues you outlined are ones I think about as well. Though I won’t be able to attend in person — the Austin-to-Calgary travel plan just ain’t an option right now — I would be interested in watching a Ustream of your talk and/or reading your own take on the presentation in a subsequent blog post.

    And hey, enjoy Australia! I lived Down Under, in Brisbane, for two years and met my wife there. I hope you have at least some time for R&R

    Bryan | @BryanPerson

  • Kalene

    Joe, Will you be sharing these insights with others? Have you already shared in Toronto and I missed your wisdom? Or maybe you could appoint a Tweet scribe who would post live on Twitter during your talk?