Inside PR 225: A new Inside PR Podcast Facebook Group

This week in Inside PR, Martin Waxman and I talk about the changing media landscape. This follows on recent changes to both the digital and traditional paper versions of the New York Times, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

We also have an audio comment on the power of Twitter to connect communities of interest from Jody Koehler, founder of Coopr PR in the Netherlands.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video of Jeff Jarvis‘ presentation in Frankfurt about creating publics. There’s a lot to think about in what Jeff is suggesting.

You can listen to the complete podcast by clicking on the player here.

What do you think?

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  • Chelsea Colette

    From listening to the Inside PR podcast I learned more about how Twitter is perceived and how Twitter creates publics. The guest speaker from the Netherlands made a good point when he said that Twitter “transcends geography” and creates publics via the internet. This is an interesting idea. From this idea I realized that social media is re-designing how demographic and psychographic information is categorized. More publics are being created by interests and hobbies rather than by geographic location or age. I like how the Inside PR podcast set up a Facebook group because it allows conversation to continue in between podcasts.