Third Tuesday Measurement Matters Preliminary Agenda

Yesterday, I talked about why we are holding the Third Tuesday Measurement Matters conference. Today, I’d like to talk about what that conference might look like. And I’d like to ask for your input into the preliminary agenda of the conference.

What and who?

Third Tuesday Measurement Matters will bring together social media measurement experts and technology leaders.

We have a full day to organize. I’m proposing a single track so that we all share the same experience. That also keeps things simple and makes it easier to find a suitable venue.

Who then should we hear from? I think we should have a mix of

  • Experts who can talk about how to approach the challenge of measuring social media. What should we be measuring? What metrics should we be applying in what situations?
  • Measurement suite vendors who will provide practical demonstrations of the leading edge measurement tools. This should give us insight into what is possible now. And we should ask them to provide a preview of their development plans so that we can look ahead at how measurement will evolve in the near future.

Preliminary Agenda

The agenda will feature a series of panels of experts discussing key social media measurement issues. Between panels, the leading social media measurement suites will be demonstrated and we’ll hear about their strengths and development plans.

8:30 Opening Keynote

9:00 – 10:15 Panel: Monitoring: How to set up and run your social media command centre

10:15 – 10:35 Social Media Measurement Suite Demo 1

10:35 – 10:55 Break

10:55 – 12:10 Panel: New metrics for new media – influence, engagement, resonance – and others?

12:10 – 12:30 Social Media Measurement Platform/Tools Demo 2

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Keynote

13:45 – 15:00 Panel: Analysis – more than skin deep – how to find real meaning

15:00 – 15:20 Social Media Measurement Platform/Tools Demo 3

15:20 – 15:35 Break

15:35 – 16:50 Panel: Show us your ROI – Yes, we can demonstrate a return.

16:50 – 17:30 Closing Plenary – Participants talk about the best insights of the day

Theme sessions will feature three or four panelists. Each panelist will be asked to speak for five minutes on a single issue or idea that he or she thinks is of paramount importance and will be asked to clearly state one big or actionable idea that we can all take away. That will leave almost an hour in each panel for questions and discussions with participants.

The Measurement Suite Demos will feature three different leading-edge measurement suite vendors. We’ll ask vendors to avoid giving a standard sales pitch. We’ll ask them instead to talk to us about their approach to measurement – what metrics do they apply and what algorithms and measurement techniques do they use. We’ll also ask them to conclude by providing us with their views on the developments in measurement that they think we should watch for in the next year.

Does this work for you?

What do you think of this proposed approach? How can we improve it? Are there other topics we should address? What do you think of inviting leading edge vendors?

I’d like to hear from you. So, please leave a comment to discuss the ideas I’ve advanced in this post.

  • Hey Joe,

    This sounds like a great idea.
    If you’re interested I’d be more than happy to talk to you about having Sysomos there.


    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • I think the agenda looks good from a practical “actionable learning” perspective.

    It might be good to add a theoretical “What’s Next?” panel, so attendees can hear where things are headed down the road. It might be good to hear thoughts on how monitoring systems can move towards integration with Social CRM tools, for example.

    Just a thought. Otherwise, looks good to me.

    • Good suggestion about having a “What’s next” session Dave. I’m hoping that will be a theme in each session. But to tie it all together, we should probably make the final session explicitly about looking ahead.

  • Sounds interesting … like the “one big actionable idea”… unless its already planned to be covered in some of the demo sessions, technically managing multiple campaigns; trust metric (perhaps part of Panel #2..?);

    Unless one of the expert/Panel members, i’d like to hear from a “client” who has utilized such strategies and their experiences (the process of first presenting the idea internally, then the execution and monitoring ..but maybe that would bubble up during Q & A’s …) — perhaps could one/some/all? of the vendors have one of their clients tag along ..?

    • Doreen, Good point about “clients.” People who have run measurement programs are the best kind of experts. We’ll make sure to include them in every panel.

  • Maybe get someone from Gatorade to talk about their social media command centre that was captured recently on a video.


    • Mark, Gatorade is a great idea. In fact, the widespread reaction to their command centre inspired the first session. Hopefully, they are listening to this conversation and will participate. If not, I’ll reach out to them.

  • Joseph,
    This conference is a fantastic idea! I’m really looking forward to the event. Should be very informative and I believe really an integral part of social media success. I have had great success using products like Hootsuite for measuring social media campaigns for my clients. Being a Social-CRM consultant I would also be very interested in the future of social media and CRM specifically measurement – Social media: lead/contact to close. I’ve given keynote presentations on Social Media and Social CRM, I’d be glad to help out with your conference any way I can.

    • Richard, Thanks for offering to help. I’ll be posting next week asking for suggestions for panelists and keynotes. We’re also holding an organizers meeting early next week. I’ll bring your name forward. Thanks again.

  • GlendaM

    Looks like a great agenda. I agree about adding the client/business perspective. Hearing about what can be from vendors is great, but not always realistic when you are dealing with business pressures. Look forward to hearing and seeing more about it!

  • I like the direction. One area that’s popped into my head while reading this is a discussion about measurement based on a variety of desired outcomes ie awareness, sales, reputation enhancement/recovery, and so on. The social media measurement progress of BP and Old Spice will and should differ greatly.

    Alan Chumley is a great guy to articulate these sort of customized/approaches. Jen Evans has also done interesting work in the B2B space.

    • Dave, I agree that we will measure different things based on the objectives we’ve set for our program. And setting clear, measurable objectives at the outset is step one (along with a baseline measurement) in a good measurement program. We should invite speakers who will be sure to represent this perspective.

      Your suggestion of both Alan Chumley and Jen Evans is very much appreciated. I’d consider both to have measurement expertise that we could all benefit from. I hope they are following this conversation and offer to participate. If not, we’ll have to invite them anyway. 😉

  • Thanks for the shout out, Dave.


    Brililant idea. I appreciate the invite. I’m Wasington DC-based now so I’ll have to look at the travel schedule and budget.

    I’ll echo Jones’ remarks. Jen Evans is spectacularly smart in this socmed measurement space. she’s a must have.

    For now, I’ll offer up this blog post from a couple of weeks back called the 4 i’s and 7 c’s of social media measurement:


  • I agree that the point about the metric following objective is a key issues, as the meaning and value of metrics shifts according to an organization’s goals and their stage of online operations. Perhaps it’s worth bringing out this point on the relative value of metrics, and the quest for metrics suited to each purpose. Also, keeping in mind how often we need to settle for a sub-optimal metric as the optimal ones are too expensive or difficult to obtain, if they can be measured at all. As Einstein put it “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”

    As a side thought, perhaps participants would also appreciate a session on the many free/cheap tools that can be used for quick and dirty social media monitoring and campaign management?