Wanted: One more social media measurement provider to put in the spotlight

The Third Tuesday Measurement Matters #TTMM conference will put three social media monitoring and analysis providers on the spot and in the spotlight.

Each will be asked to tell us about a social media measurement challenge they set out to solve and how they did it. And then, we’ll ask them to look ahead and tell us what challenges they think must be overcome in the next year(s).

We have confirmed the first two monitoring and measurement providers who will be put in the spotlight: Radian6 and PostRank.

Radian6 was on the leading edge of developing an algorithm and index to measure influence. PostRank linked its fortune to the concept of engagement. Both have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to research and constant improvement of their monitoring and measurement suites. Clearly, they belong in the spotlight.

We have room in the spotlight for one more company. And I’d welcome your views about who it should be.

Which social media measurement platform do you think is on the leading edge of social media measurement? Which do you think have tackled a tough challenge and come up with an approach that is worth sharing?

Leave a comment on this post and help shape the agenda of Third Tuesday Measurement Matters #TTMM.

After all, if you want to understand the state of the art, why not ask those who are investing their money to explore it?

  • Hey Joe,

    I’d suggest SWIX, if only because they have a slightly different niche than Radian (mostly about conversation monitoring and response workflow) or PostRank (mostly about calculating engagement).

    SWIX is trying to more accurately measure the ROI of a campaign. It’s more of a Google Analytics for social media than a listening post. It’s new and still finding its feet but I think it merits consideration based on its attempt to find its own niche.

    It’s also a Canadian company, like PostRank and Radian.

    • Joe, I think SWIX is definitely a contender. What do others think? Are you using SWIX? What is it really good at? How does it differentiate itself from other measurement platforms?

  • Paul Cowan, VP Measurement Practice at Syncapse. They have some very exciting technology for the enterprise.

    • David, The folks from Syncapse reached out to me. They have some smart people. We’ve booked Chris Berry, Syncapse’s VP Measurement Science, for the ROI panel.

  • At MutualMind we combine monitoring and engagement analytics to provide a single view of social media for a given brand and its competitors. Our interactive engagement tools allow users to manage social media in real-time and tie collaboration/workflow to the measurement of effectiveness and ROI.

    Founder, MutualMind

    • Hi Babar, One of the great things about organizing a conference like Measurement Matters is that I get to learn. People are very generous in sharing their knowledge.

      I had not been aware of MutualMind. I’ll take a look at it and contact you via email.

      Thank you for letting me know about MutualMind.

  • Worked with Vocus for years for media monitoring and, recently checked out their new social media module. Love to hear from someone from Vocus on their new tool and how it measures up. Recent review: http://bit.ly/c7d7XV.

  • Joe,

    I suggest you reach out to a vendors like Collective Intellect, Overtone or Conversition. Each might give you a different perspective than those you’ve already considered.


  • I’ll second SWIX. I love that they are a tool specifically for community managers, and help you measure/monitor analytics of your own social media efforts across all channel. I think it would add a good level of variety.

  • It’ll be a great line-up one way or the other. I’m also very curious about SWIX’s offering.

  • Klout is tackling social influence, which is always interesting because there’s a lot of intangible variables that affect influence and aren’t directly measurable. They also have a great API. http://klout.com/

    Another is SWIX. They can analyze 20+ social media platforms your brand is using and generates usage reports for you. http://swixhq.com/

  • Chelsea Colette

    The Third Tuesday Measurement Matters event is important to the continued development of social media. Social media not only connects publics, it also is responsible for the two-way communication between brands, organizations, and companies and their primary and secondary publics. This contest will bring positive attention to social media and will push Radian6 and Post Rank to further expand their concepts. In response to your question I think LinkedIn would be a good candidate. I would like to see LinkedIn make it easier for users to view company profiles. I would also like to see LinkedIn measure the success of connecting users with job opportunities.