Which do you consider to be the "Best of Breed" Social Media Measurement Tools?

Help select the Third Tuesday Measurement Matters speakers

Today, I’m asking for your help in deciding which developers of social media measurement tools we should invite to speak at the Third Tuesday Measurement Matters conference.

If you could hear from the people behind the leading social media measurement tools talk about their approach to measurement, who would you most like to hear from?

Insight from the people who design measurement tools

We’ll provide an opportunity for the key architects of three of the leading social media measurement tools to speak at Third Tuesday Measurement Matters.

This won’t be a standard product sales pitch. Instead, we’ll ask the speakers to talk about the key social media measurement problems they set out to solve and the solution they’ve developed. We want to get insight into the leading edge of measurement. And we’ll also ask them to look ahead and give us some insight into the biggest social media measurement challenges they believe we must solve in the coming year.

Who would you like to hear from?

Which measurement providers do you consider to be the very best? What do they do especially well? What do you think we can learn from them?

Please give us your suggestions and opinions as a comment below.

  • Hi Joe,
    Sent you an email with a recommendation. Not sure if you received. Let me know.
    – Doug

  • Huge fan of Sysomos. Good industrial strenght stuff. Enough to have brought them in to Hill & Knowlton. Recently saw and was blown away by Temetics Research. SM2 is pretty good. Radian6 is a bit happy home-ownerish for me.

  • Joseph,

    I am happy to discuss Attensity360 (formerly known as Biz360). We work primarily with medium-to-larger enterprises. I blog about measurement often, and you can read some of our thoughts on our blog (blog.attensity.com) and in a presentation I posted on slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/Attensity360/social-media-monitoring-and-measurement-primer. Writing a series on Mashable as well http://mashable.com/author/maria-ogneva/

    In our blog, I often create trends reports, which can give you an idea of what some of our graphs and charts look like.


    – Maria Ogneva
    Director of Social Media, Attensity

    • Hi Maria, Thanks for the offer. We’ll want to take you up on this for sure. I’ll contact you directly to discuss.