Do pilots really not smoke in the cockpit? What does that mean for landings?

As I entered the airport this morning, I passed a couple of pilots who were standing outside in the cold, smoking. Judging from the desperate way they were dragging on those cigarettes, they were hooked, really hooked, on tobacco.

As Toronto is a departure point for several long range flights, it got me to thinking. Airplanes are all non-smoking now, right? And some flights can extend to 10 to 14 hours. Do the pilots really go that long without a cigarette? And if they do, what are their nerves like when it comes time to land at the end of a long flight?

I hope that all my flights are piloted by non-smokers. But how would I know?

  • Maybe they close the door to the cockpit and smoke anyway? I am sure it is against the rules, but I don’t know what I fear most: a stressed out pilot or the bad smell of cigarette smoke.

    • Amarjeetpooni85

      well i am german, i really love and i only fly with Lufthansa,i am sure that the all the pilots are no smokers…

  • Keelan Green

    Maybe they use chewing tobacco or nicorette gum during the flight;)

  • Ctmarlow

    I have never thought about this, but I guess since I don’t smoke, and I’m not in airports very often, it hasn’t been brought to my attention! I think I would rather them close the door and have one if it puts everyone on board the plane at risk if they don’t. Best case would be to quit, but that may be asking too much for some people.

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  • Emily Yehia

    I would hope that all my flights are piloted with non-smokers too! If a pilot can’t go long without having a cigarette then they shouldn’t be flying airplanes. My guess would be that pilots, who do smoke, chew Nicorette gum. I don’t believe that pilots take a quick smoke break in the cockpit, unless they wouldn’t mind getting arrested. I would think that the airline companies are aware of the pilots that smoke and they wouldn’t schedule them to work overseas flights.

  • Allisonmdunne

    I completely agree with blog post, I also have wondered the same question. Every time I am at an airport I see pilots smoking outside right before they enter the airport, how do they react when they need a cigarette?
    I am always nervous before I fly on a plane anyway, and having a pilot who needs a cigarette would make me completely uncomfortable especially during a long flight.