The New Google Reader: A Step Forward

It happened. Finally. After several years of little change for my favourite RSS reader, Google Reader, it’s out with the old and in with the new this morning.

When I signed onto Google Reader today, I was greeted with this message:


With the new version of Reader, I’ll be able to share interesting content publicly via my Google+ ID. Or I can share them only with circles that I have selected as being interested in specific subjects. I also can add my own comment to highlight what I find most interesting or remarkable in the article.

This is all good news to me. I’ve been a consistent user of Google+ since it launched. And I’ve curated circles of people I follow by subject area. So, I’m getting great value from my time on Google+. Now, with the integration of Google Reader sharing features, it will be easier for me add content that I find worthwhile – and hopefully that will draw more people to follow me on Google+.

So, it’s goodbye to some of the old sharing features. And it’s hello to sharing and promoting content via Google+. I like it.

  • I guess I knew there had been a change before I’d even read about it.  Folks have posted a lot more content than usual on Google+ this morning.  I expect the new Google Reader must make doing so easier than ever

  • Totally agree on functionality — very smart and while I’ll miss the Shared Items area, the +1 is a smarter way to share.

    I wish they’d have separated the design from the Google Plus integration, though. Generally I like the new Google design that they’re rolling out, but on Reader it somehow doesn’t quite seem fully baked yet. I’ll probably be looking for a Chrome extension to reskin it. 🙁