LastPass 3.0: Ensure your passwords are secure

With LastPass 3.0, there’s no excuse for your passwords not to be secure

I’m a big fan of LastPass, the online password manager. I use it to generate and securely store unique passwords for all my online sites and applications. And I can do this from the device of my choice. LastPass offers apps for iOS, Android and the desktop Chrome Browser.

Now, with the release this week of LastPass 3.0, a great tool has become even better. There’s simply no excuse for your passwords not to be secure.

Generate Secure Passwords

LastPass doesn’t just provide me with safe storage for my passwords. It also generates secure passwords for me.

Last Pass Generate 131106


The password generator enables me to set the complexity of my passswords – specifying length and the type of characters to be used. And once I’ve generated and applied them, it saves them to my vault. All in one easy operation.

There’s a LastPass Chrome Extension

Of course, the effectiveness of a password vault is directly tied to how easily you can access it in your routine workflow. And LastPass has an elegant Chrome extension that makes it easy to generate and retrieve passwords without leaving the page you have open in your browser. Just click on the LastPass icon in your Chrome extensions bar and you’ll see a drop down menu with all the operations you can perform. Simple, straightforward, useful.

LastPass Chrome 131106

Protects you on your phone and tablet too

I use the LastPass iOS App on both my iPhone and iPad. With version 3.0, the app incorporates a tabbed browser with LastPass built in.

iphone 1 iphone 2 iphone 3

And it works smoothly and quickly on a day to day basis. In fact, I’ve begun to use it as my preferred iOS browser.

iphone 4

There’s simply no excuse for your passwords to be at risk

LastPass is a great way to ensure that your passwords are secure. It makes it easy to generate a unique password for every site. And because you can access them at any time on any device, there’s not reason not to use unique, complex passwords. If you aren’t using a password vault, this is the one to try. I wouldn’t be without it. And I’m sure that once you’ve tried it, you’ll agree with me.


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