Thank you for helping make a child's dream come true

5 weeks without a shave

5 weeks without a shave

After five weeks of looking increasingly seedy, I’ve completed my Mustaches for Kids fundraising campaign. And readers of this blog and followers of thornley on Twitter contributed $450 for the Make a Wish Foundation. I’ll add my own donation to that amount. So, together, we raised a total of $1,000 to make the wish of a terminally ill child come true.

I continue to be impressed with the generosity of the people I meet through social media. You had no reason to contribute. You could have remained anonymously passive. Yet you chose to contribute to this cause simply because you were asked to do so.

Thank you to the people who contributed to Mustaches for Kids and the Make a Wish Foundation: John Wiseman, Dave Fleet, Parker Mason, Francis Wooby, Michael Seaton, Terry Fallis, Eden Spodek, Shawn McCann, Aimee Deziel, Andrea Clarke, Todd Van Hoosear, David Magil, Angela Kryhul, and Shel Holtz. You’ve earned my respect.

The morning after - clean shaven again

One week left to make a child's dream come true

Mustaches for Kids - Week 4I’m one week away from the end of my moustache growing for Mustaches for Kids. Through Mustaches for Kids, men across North America to help raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation, which grants the wish of a child with a terminal illness.

That’s me on the right. Looking like an old, decrepit, suspicious character. But it will all be worthwhile if you and others like you contribute to help a child’s wish come true.

Please help. Click on the donate button on the Mustaches for Kids home page to make a child’s wish come true. And remember, I’ll match every dollar up to $1,000 contributed by readers of my blog. So, when you make your contribution, please email me at joseph.thornley [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know that you’ve contributed.