AideRSS unveils new recommendation engine at DemoCampToronto14

Do you have enough time every day to sift through all the posts on all of the blogs and newsfeeds that you’ve subscribed to? I don’t.

AideRSS offers a solution for newsfeed overflow. It filters your newsfeeds and presents you with a feed of only the most highly rated articles culled from all of your subscriptions. You can view this on the AideRSS site or import the feeds filtered by AideRSS into the FeedReader of your choice. The AideRSS site supports the most popular readers, including Google Reader, Bloglines, NewGator and others.

Since its launch in July, Waterloo, Ontario-based (the home of RIM) AideRSS has generated much positive coverage.

AideRSS’ Chief Architect, Ilya Grigorik, and Chief Marketer, Kevin Thomason, gave the attendees at DemoCampToronto14 an advance peek at a new Recommendation engine that will be added to AideRSS in the next few weeks.

After the presentation, I recorded a short video interview with Kevin Thomason. He provided an overview of AideRSS and then talked about the coming Recommendation feature.


I also captured the DemoCamp presentation on film. Ilya’s preview of the Recommendation feature starts at 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the video.