How to follow this week's Third Tuesday Twitterville Canadian book launch events

This evening, we’re having the first of this week’s Third Tuesday Twitterville Canadian book launch events.In the next five days, Shel Israel will be talking about Twitter, meeting members of the Third Tuesday community and signing copies of his book in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

You can follow this week’s events in several places:

On Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtags #3MTT for Third Tuesday Montreal, #TTT for Third Tuesday Toronto, #TTO for Third Tuesday Ottawa, #CTT for Third Tuesday Calgary, and #3TYVR for Third Tuesday Vancouver.

On Global Neighbourhoods and @shelisrael. I’m sure he’ll be posting about what he sees and hears in Canada.

On ProPR: I’ll keep a running picture, video and text diary of the events and Shel’s activities in Canada. Look for posts with this material. Also, I’ll post links to other blogs that cover Third Tuesday.

On FriendFeed: We have the Third Tuesday Group. Feel free to join the conversation there.

On Delicious: I’ll tag interesting articles

If there are other places or worthwhile articles, please let me know by leaving a comment on the bottom of this post.