How to follow this week's Third Tuesday Twitterville Canadian book launch events

This evening, we’re having the first of this week’s Third Tuesday Twitterville Canadian book launch events.In the next five days, Shel Israel will be talking about Twitter, meeting members of the Third Tuesday community and signing copies of his book in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

You can follow this week’s events in several places:

On Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtags #3MTT for Third Tuesday Montreal, #TTT for Third Tuesday Toronto, #TTO for Third Tuesday Ottawa, #CTT for Third Tuesday Calgary, and #3TYVR for Third Tuesday Vancouver.

On Global Neighbourhoods and @shelisrael. I’m sure he’ll be posting about what he sees and hears in Canada.

On ProPR: I’ll keep a running picture, video and text diary of the events and Shel’s activities in Canada. Look for posts with this material. Also, I’ll post links to other blogs that cover Third Tuesday.

On FriendFeed: We have the Third Tuesday Group. Feel free to join the conversation there.

On Delicious: I’ll tag interesting articles

If there are other places or worthwhile articles, please let me know by leaving a comment on the bottom of this post.


Entering Twitterville

twittervillecover-090811It’s Sunday morning and I’m heading to Montreal to meet Shel Israel for the first of the Third Tuesday Twitterville Canadian book launch events. In the next week, we’ll be holding Third Tuesdays in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver.

Where to find Third Tuesday

You can get information on the Third Tuesday Shel Israel Twitterville event closest to you by following one of these links:

It takes a community

There are many people who should be thanked for making this week possible: Michelle Sullivan, Adele McAlear, Doug Lacombe, Andrew McIntyre, Monica Hamburg, Tanya Davis, Kirsty MacRae, Sarah Laister, LeeEllen Carroll and Mike Edgell. (If I’ve miss anyone, I apologize. Please let me know and I’ll add your name to the list.)

IThird Tuesday also want to thank our sponsors. Their contributions are making it possible for us to bring Shel to Third Tuesdays across the country. Given the size of our country and the cost of transportation, this would not be possible without their support. So, I hope that you will join me in thanking our sponsors, CNW Group, MolsonCoors Canada, Rogers Communications, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Radian6.

Thank you all for your support. You make good things happen for our community.

Shel Israel to launch Twitterville in cross-Canada tour of Third Tuesdays

Shel Israel is coming to Canada in September to launch his new book, Twitterville. And he’ll be doing it at Third Tuesday social media meetups in five cities across Canada: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

twittervillecover-090811Three years ago, Shel co-authored Naked Conversations with Robert Scoble. Naked Conversations was a must-read book in 2006. It captured the zeitgeist of the blogosphere.

Now Shel Israel is back with Twitterville, his look at Twitter and how it is being used by people and organizations to connect, play, share, create community, organize…. You name it and we’re finding a way to do it on Twitter.

Shel was the very first speaker at theĀ inaugural Third Tuesday in 2006. So, launching Twitterville at Third Tuesday is like Shel coming home. I’m really excited that we’re able to bring him to Canada to do this.

Hold these dates

We’ll be opening registration for each of the Third Tuesday events with Shel in the next few days. In the meantime, mark the date of the Third Tuesday Twitterville launch in the city nearest you:

  • September 13 Montreal
  • September 14 Ottawa
  • September 15 Toronto
  • September 16 Calgary
  • September 17 Vancouver

What’s it about?

I had a chance to read an early draft of Twitterville. It’s a great read. Packed with interesting stories of real people using Twitter today. It drove home to me that we are still in early days of understanding the implications of social media and applying the new technologies to achieve the things we want to do. And it sparked my imagination, giving me ideas about how I can use Twitter and other social media in my own business and life.

I plan to post more about the content of Twitterville. In the meantime, you too can get a preview of the book. Shel has posted the book’s Introduction on his blog, Global Neighbourhoods.

Thank you to our sponsors

We’re able to bring Shel to cities across Canada thanks to the support of our Third Tuesday sponsors:

CNW Group, our founding sponsor;

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, who are providing accommodation for Shel;

Molson Canada, whose use of social media Shel has profiled in Twitterville;

Rogers Communications, whose network provides us with both landline and mobile Internet access; and

Radian6, who provide us with the tools we need to monitor and measure social media.

Thanks to each of these sponsors, Shel’s Canadian book launch will be just the first of several exciting initiatives we’re planning for the coming year.

Stay tuned

We’ll be opening the actual event registration soon. And we’ll have more news about how you can get a copy of Twitterville signed by Shel Israel. So, subscribe to the ProPR RSS feed or check back here for more information.


UPDATE: Shel has blogged about his coming visit to Canada and his memories of when he came here in 2006 to launch Third Tuesday.