Privacy and Disclosure Issues in Social Media

Privacy is one of the key issues facing everyone of us as we navigate social media.

I readily share great swathes of what I care about, think and do through my postings on, Twitter and other social media channels. On the other hand, there are parts of my life relating to friends and family that I don’t share. I believe that they must find their own level of comfort with the open book that is social media and define their own boundaries on what they will share and what they won’t.

A panel of three corporate lawyers,  Martin Kratz, Ariane Siegel and Mark Hayes,talked about the privacy issues relating to the use of social media in and by organizations.

I’m capturing the highlights of the Twitter stream during this session at the Managing Social Media conference using the #CdnInst hashtag and posting them here using CoverItLive.

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Martin Kratz, Ariane Siegel and Mark Hayes