Coming to a small screen in the palm of your hand

Terry Fallis, Dave Fleet and I are weeks away from launching a new video podcast. And Terry Fallis, Dave Fleet and I have completed three demos. With each one, we’ve changed the setting –

starting in our boardroom,

then moving to a couch and chairs and,

finally settling on the staff gathering area just outside our kitchen. And we think we’ve found the right spot.

There must be a reason why people arriving at a house party often head straight for the kitchen. We just feel comfortable there. It’s where we gather during the day. We share meals with family and friends. We relax there. So, that’s where we’ve decided to produce our video.

We’re not quite ready to launch publicly. But soon.

  • Can’t wait. I see you got your way on Social Mediators as a name.

    • Thanks Dave. Yes, after having the domain for the past four years, we finally decided on a use for it. We kicked around a few names, but Social Mediators drew the most support.

      And congrats on spotting the name in the image. I was wondering how long it would take someone to see that.

  • Depends on what you are trying to convey.

    More tightly cropped would be authority, group the whole conversation, kitchen (with set up) behind the scenes.

    In truth you’ll want to cut between them because even short shots of the same thing get boring.

    Nice promo though (guess that should be expected considering what you do)

  • Yes, the kitchen setting looks great. So glad you have proper lighting. Of course, as another commenter has said, we would expect only nice work from TF.