Dragon Dictation: a Must-Have App for the iPad

I’m dictating this blog post directly into Dragon Dictation for the iPad. I’m not writing it. I’m saying it. And Dragon Dictation is transcribing it for me.

When I’m done, I’ll simply send it to myself and paste it into WordPress.

A great application!

If you’vew ever had trouble priming your writing, this application is for you.

Dragon dictation. A must-have app for the iPad.

Sent from my iPad

Want to see Dragon Dictation in Action? Watch this video of me recording this blog post.

One final note. If you look closely on the text on the video, you’ll notice some differences. Yes, I edited this post, just like I edit every post. Dragon Dictation is great to get your ideas out. But you’ll still want do an edit both for flow and minor typos.

  • I agree, Joe. I use this app on my iPhone to send myself notes, especially when I wake up at 2 a.m. with a “brilliant” idea.

  • Whoa – VERY cool, Joe! Thanks for sharing. I noticed you were speaking slower than normal, though. What is the accuracy level when you dictate at your more natural pace?

    • Bryan, I think I was speaking slowly because I was preparing the post at 7AM in the morning before heading to the train station. I started talking without a script. So, I hesitated to ensure I didn’t inject any “Ums” into the audio stream. Slow morning brain.

      I’ve dictated at a faster speed without a noticeable increase in typos. I think that diction is more important to accuracy than speed of dictation.

      All in all, I get much better results on the iPad than I do using the dictation program in Windows 7. A testament to the integration of Apple’s hardware and apps on the iPad? I think so.

  • I am amazed at the level of accuracy. Not sure Bob Dylan would have any luck on the annunciation front, but impressive. If the Apple store ever receives my iPad I will try it for sure. More tests!

  • Thanks for posting the video comma too period. I think this app will prove itself extremely useful comma and not just fun to try a couple of times period.

    • LeeEllen comma newparagraph You are welcome. Period.


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