Gini Dietrich tells Third Tuesday why Spin Sucks

Gini Dietrich is coming back to Canada. Even better, she’s coming back to Third Tuesday.

Gini DietrichGini will be doing the Canadian launch of her new book, Spin Sucks, at Third Tuesday Toronto (#3tYYZ) on April 7 and then at Third Tuesday Ottawa (#3tYOW) on April 8.

“We live in a world where content farms, Internet spiders, and fake accounts have the potential to ruin one’s experience online,” Gini says. “It certainly would be easy – and quite possible to even make some quick money – by sitting back and gaming the systems.”

At Third Tuesday, Gini will talk about what is wrong with:

  • Whisper campaigns;
  • Astroturfing;
  • Media manipulation; and
  • Unethical business practices.

She’ll show us that these tactics aren’t necessary to achieve results. She will talk about how to communicate honestly, responsibly, openly, and authentically, to truly earn the trust of our customers, stakeholders, investors, and communities. And she’ll illustrate her talk with case studies on the organizations that are doing things ethically and responsibly…and winning.


Every attendee will receive a copy of “Spin Sucks” when you check in at the event. So, you not only can hear and meet Gini Dietrich, you can get your copy of the book personally signed by the author.

Register online to attend


Don’t miss the chance to see Gini and get your copy of Spin Sucks. Register online to attend Third Tuesday Toronto (#3TYYZ) or Third Tuesday Ottawa (#3tYOW).

I hope to see you there.

Thank you to our sponsors

Third Tuesday is supported by great sponsors – Cision Canada and Rogers Communications – who believe in our community and help us to bring speakers not just to Toronto but to Ottawa as well. Without the sponsors we couldn’t make Third Tuesday a truly Canadian affair. So, thank you to the sponsors of the Third Tuesday 2014 season: Cision Canada and Rogers Communications.

We want students to be able to attend

Third Tuesday is a great opportunity to hear about the latest developments in social media and to network with business and thought leaders. And we don’t want students to miss out on this opportunity. So, if you are a student and would like to attend, don’t let the admission fee stop you. Simply present your student ID card at the time you sign into Third Tuesday and we’ll refund your admission fee, courtesy of Thornley Fallis.

Georgia Sapounas on Canada’s Digital Olympics Strategy

Georgia Sapounas, the Canadian Olympic Committee‘s (COC) Digital Media Director, came to Third Tuesday Toronto last night to talk about the COC’s social media program for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. And like the participants at Third Tuesday Ottawa the previous night, the Toronto attendees posted their observations and thoughts on Twitter. Here are the highlights of the Twitter stream that was posted to the Third Tuesday Toronto #3tYYZ hashtag.

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Mathew Ingram on journalism: The only constant is change

We live in the age of wisdom, the age of foolishness. The spring of hope, the winter of despair.

“The only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing all the time.” 

Mathew Ingram shared his insightful perspective on the current state of journalism when he spoke at Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ.

I captured Mathew’s complete presentation on video. Here are some of the highlights (and the time in the video at which you can find them):

Advertising revenues have decreased by over 40 billion dollars in a few years. The loss of revenue forces news media to change or die. (1:03)

Paywalls may slow the decline for traditional media, but they also stunt growth. Even at the New York Times, with its unique positioning, online subscription revenues are not keeping pace with the decline in advertising revenue. (1:55)

Paywalls are a “sandbag strategy”. They stem the flow in the short term, but they don’t solve the real problem. (2:55)

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Mathew Ingram talks digital journalism: It is the best of times and the worst of times.

If it’s Tuesday, we must be in Toronto. After a great Third Tuesday Ottawa on Monday night, Mathew Ingram flew to Toronto to speak to the Third Tuesday Toronto community.

Yesterday, I captured the highlights of the Twitter steam about Mathew’s Ottawa presentation. Today, I’ve captured a selection of Tweets from the #3TYYZ twitter stream to provide an overview of Mathew’s subject matter and people’s take on it.

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Mathew Ingram on journalism today: Change. Change. And more change.

Mathew Ingram spoke at Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW last night. And judging from the quantity and quality of questions as well as the number of people who stayed behind to meet and talk with him, he was a great hit. And for those who are wondering what he is talking about, I’ve grabbed a selection from the Twitter stream from last night’s session. Enjoy.

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Mitch Joel draws capacity crowd at Third Tuesday Ottawa

Mitch Joel kicked off the seventh season of Third Tuesday Ottawa this week. And he delivered big time for the capacity crowd.

Mitch is currently promoting his most recent book, Ctrl Alt Delete. And if you haven’t seen him speaking about this, you owe it to yourself to see him. You won’t regret it. And if you haven’t read the book yet, click over to your favorite eBook store and buy it right now. Yes, right now. Then come back and read the rest of this post.

Mitch is a great speaker. And like other great speakers, he tailors his remarks to the interest of the audience. And in the case of the social-savvy Third Tuesday crowd, he touched on several sweet spots. His presentation was chock full of quotable quotes. I’ve grabbed a few from the Twitter stream.









Thank you to Third Tuesday’s sponsors

As we kick off this seventh year of Third Tuesdays, I want thank Rogers Communications and Cision Canada. Your generous support makes it possible for us to continue to bring great speakers to the Third Tuesday community. We couldnt’ do it without you.

Meet Rob Lane, the co-founder of, at the next Third Tuesday

Rob Lane LinkedIn Pic Rob Lane, CEO and co-founder of, will be the speaker at the January Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ and Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW.

Rob is a serial entrepreneur. And he will share with us the lessons he has gained from founding two social companies – and, before that,  What he has learned about creating something real from the germ of an idea. About building and sustaining community with the people who care about you. About creating a social business – one that listens to what people are saying about it and adjusts its actions and structure to act upon what it hears. About building a team that can create something extraordinary. And about marketing what you’ve created through both social and traditional channels.

In a nutshell, Rob Lane is a smart entrepreneur who has a lot to share and will do that with the Third Tuesday community. If you’re in or near either Ottawa or Toronto, click over to the Third Tuesday Toronto and Third Tuesday Ottawa Meetup sites to get your ticket to hear from and meet Rob Lane.

If you’re like me, music is a constant in your life. We listen actively and passively. It surrounds us. Reflects our experiences, environment and friends. And it’s also all over the place. In books we’ve read. On entertainment Web sites. On an MP3 player. Or a Facebook page. The radio. In magazines. Our contact with music is spread everywhere and we have to go looking in many places to pull it all together.


“MyMusic was founded by three guys who love music but hate mindlessly scouring the web to unearth the best content available. We want all the great music content that we know is out there to come to us. We want it sifted, sorted and filtered so that we get exactly and only the stuff we are interested in. We also want a beautiful way to access all that content, anytime we want, anywhere we are. We couldn’t find anything like that online, so we built MyMusic.

“MyMusic.coms’ mission is “to be a single place where you can go to find, discover and share everything that makes your online music experience fresh, exciting, and uniquely you.”

You can use MyMusic to can save images, videos, music, articles, etc. in “magazines”  that reflect your interests. Specific artists. Genres of music. Places where music is played. Your collection of music. Whatever you want. And the site watches what you post so that it can suggest content that matches your interests. The more you post the smarter it gets.

If you’re interested, check out the Thelonious Monk page I made on This took me all of 10 minutes from the time I found my first clip to the time I published it. Very user friendly.

Social Media Breakfasts too

One more thing. Rob also gives back to the social media community in another way. He’s the co-founder or Social Media Breakfast Ottawa. Rob and his co-organizers, Ryan Anderson and Simon Chen, have given Ottawa’s social media community an opportunity to meet and hear from smart speakers for the past four years.

Thank you to Third Tuesday’s sponsors

Third Tuesday is supported by great sponsors – Cision Canada and Rogers Communications – who believe in our community and help us to bring speakers not just to Toronto but to Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver as well. Without the sponsors we couldn’t make Third Tuesday a truly Canadian affair. So, thank you to the sponsors of the Third Tuesday 2012-13 season: Cision Canada and Rogers Communications.


Truly appreciated: The Rogers Charging Station at Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ

You’ve had a busy day at the office, using your mobile phone or tablet pretty much constantly. Then it’s time to rush out the door to your favourite event, like Third Tuesday Toronto. You arrive and you want to check in and begin Tweeting and what do you discover? Your battery is almost dead. So you start searching for an electric outlet and asking your friends if they have the connector you need for your phone or tablet.

Well, that almost happened to me last night at Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ with Julien Smith. But not quite. Because our Third Tuesday sponsor, Rogers Communications was on hand with their charging station to enable me and anyone else at the event to recharge our mobile devices enough to get us through the evening.

So, thank you to Rogers Communications for being a generous sponsor of Third Tuesday and then going even farther and offering us the extra benefit of two staff and equipment to keep us charged and connected.

(Disclosure: Rogers did not ask for this post. And yes, they are a sponsor of Third Tuesday and a sometime client of my firm. And yes, I am a happy Rogers customer – cellphone, tablet, home Internet, home phone, cable TV. Disclosure complete. 🙂 )

Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa Storified

Julien Smith is a smart guy who has given a lot of thought to how and why we connect with one another in real life and online and how we build meaningful relationships through these connections.

Last night, he kicked off his two-city Third Tuesday mini-tour to promote his new book, The Impact Equation, which he co-authored with another smart guy, Chris Brogan.

Julien did not disappoint the Third Tuesday community. He gave us a lot to think about in a witty, laugh out loud presentation.

I’ve captured some of the highlights and bon mots from his presentation using Storify. Enjoy.

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW</h1> <h2></h2> <p>Storified by Joseph Thornley &middot; Tue, Nov 27 2012 04:58:35</p> <div>With @misssolange at #thirdtuesday listening to author @julien The Impact Equation #ottawa – STARFISH </div> <div>So excited to hear @julien! #3tyow this was before the event. Lovely guy.éphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Awesome crowd at #3tyow Simpson</div> <div>.@Julien takes the stage #3TYOW Procunier</div> <div>If you want to support Michael O’Connor Clarke go to #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>Wisdom and impact doesn’t have to come from age – Julien Smith #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>Be bold. Always. @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Persistence running – man needed to outrun his prey, a selection pressure, a forge. Become a weapon or be destroyed #3tyowHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>It used to be adapt or die, now it’s adapt or suck @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Children naturally adapt. To succeed, we must be like children. #3tYOWKimberly Valentine</div> <div>In order to adapt we must become and stay like children @julien #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>@Julien smith’s talk is him talking to one striking image after another. Keeps your attention…robinbrowne</div> <div>If you can’t be number 1 or number 2 in a category, get out… and create your own category says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>. @julien: the ugliest shows in the world are a growing trend (those flat toe shoes, can’t think of the name) #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>It’s not easy to look at something ugly and recognize it will become beautiful. @julien #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>Always easy to defend the status quo. Ugly is a process to becoming beautiful and useful @julien #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>I don’t want people to copy, I want people to evolve @julien #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>&quot;We should be constantly adopting to the needs that are around us.&quot; @julien #thirdtuesdaySolange Tuyishime</div> <div>@julien makes the case for freestyle agility. #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>. @julien showing us a parcours video: look at what people can do vs what you expect them to be able to do #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Parkour … Parcours … Moving through your environment … Invented to run from cops #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>It’s amazing what people do, when they realize they have to. @julien #3TYOWEmily Charette</div> <div>You have to be like fire and turn your obstacles into fuel @julien (via Aurelius) #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>The problem is in your head and you can’t get out of your head. So stimulate your mind, break patterns says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>If something seems inevitable to you, do it today before others do it. @julien #3TYOWJoseph Thornley</div> <div>&quot;What truth do youconsider obvious that no one else believes&quot;? @julien #thirdtuesdayHenry Troup</div> <div>Don’t react to the marketplace as it is, everyone else has already done it @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Start the company you think is obvious that others don’t see yet #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>#3tyow @julien you don’t want some exposure, you want maximum exposure, some of the timeJoel Elliott</div> <div>“…think about how to leave an impression on those who matter and help them gather around you.” @julien #theimpactequationMelissa Adey</div> <div>&quot;Being vulnerable is the new cool,&quot; – @Julien at #3TYOW about his book, Impact Equation J. Ebsary</div> <div>Now I have another book by @julien to add to my must-read list: The Flinch Thornley</div> <div>Our brains our like malfunctioning alarm systems. We see risk because our ancestors saw risk. Break the cycle says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>&quot;We’re in the safest time ever so we should be taking more risks than ever.&quot; @julien smithrobinbrowne</div> <div>When you Flinch – big amount of pain and no one is willing to follow you. Choose that route. Hard but worthwhile @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Become familiar with this phrase: &quot;I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.&quot; #3TYOWMichaela Schreiter</div> <div>Disrupt your own industry on purpose says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>If someone is going to cannibalize you, might as well be you. Dare to innovate @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Aim to galvanize your weaknesses and fix them @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Politicians can learn from @julien &quot;what I used to believe is… Now what I believe is…&quot; #3TYOW #EvolveDontFlipFlopMark Blevis</div> <div>A great speaker: @julien #3TYOW Thornley</div> <div>Excellent talk tonight @ #3tyow by @julien. Being different is not always bad but being first is always betterraymond snow</div> <div>Great evening with @starfishevents. We’re inspired to make things happen. Thank you @julien! Tuyishime</div> <div>Succinct closing by @Julien at #3tyow: Talk -(without) Action = Shit.Andrew Moizer</div> <div>@julien thanks for a great talk tonight at @3tyow! Always thought provoking.Glenda Myles</div>

Jeremiah Owyang is coming to Third Tuesday Toronto

Jeremiah Owyang is a true thought leader on social media and its impact on the relationship between corporations and their employees and customers. And Jeremiah Owyang will be the speaker at the next Third Tuesday Toronto.

Jeremiah is an Analyst at the Altimeter Group, whose other principals include founder Charlene Li and Brian Solis. You won’t find a smarter, more social media-savvy group of people anywhere. Altimeter undertakes and publishes open research – they make their research freely available to the world and then count on being engaged by corporations and others interested in taking advantage of their understanding and insight. That’s a bold business model. A model that Altimeter appears to be making work well.

Altimeter’s research is widely read and frequently cited as a source of actionable insight into how social media is being integrated into the enterprise and the best practices that are emerging. Jeremiah regularly posts about the research on his Web Strategy blog, speaks at conferences and publishes his presentations on SlideShare. A sample of his writing and presentations gives a sense of the range and depth of Jeremiah’s thinking:

That’s deep knowledge – shared generously with others who share Jeremiah’s interests.

And now Jeremiah is coming to Toronto share his most recent insights with the Third Tuesday community. And that can include you. If you’re interested in hearing and talking with Jeremiah Owyang, register online to attend the next Third Tuesday Toronto. I hope to see you there.

A taste of Jeremiah: Le Web 2011

Jeremiah is a great speaker. His 2011 Le Web presentation will give you a sense of what to expect when he joins us at Third Tuesday.

Thank you to our sponsors

As you know, Third Tuesday is a community-oriented, volunteer-driven event. And we wouldn’t be able to bring great speakers like Jeremiah Owyang to Third Tuesdays across the country without the support of some like-minded sponsors. We’ve been lucky to have some great companies step up over the past several years to help us make Third Tuesday happen. Big thanks are due to CNW GroupRogers Communications, the Canadian Internet Registration AuthorityRadian6 and Cision Canada for making the 2011/12 Third Tuesday season possible.

We want students to be able to attend

Third Tuesday is a great opportunity to hear about the latest developments in social media and to network with business and thought leaders. And we don’t want students to miss out on this opportunity. So, if you are a student and would like to attend, don’t let the admission fee stop you. Simply present your student ID card at the time you sign into Third Tuesday and we’ll refund your admission fee, courtesy of Thornley Fallis.